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Intermediate Pad Width - Noticeable?


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Anyone here go from playing in 11” wide pads to 10” or 10.5” intermediate width?  I’ve been in 32+X, since I was in HS, but either I’m shrinking, or my choice of gear is making me think I need to go intermediate (or custom).  With the Brian’s Intermediate Pros on the way, I’m noodling over looking that direction, but the loss in width is something I’m uneasy with.  I feel like it might cost me a a save or two, but I also feel like the added mobility might be a benefit.  I recall being a fan of that when I went from 12” pads down to 11”.   Anyways, if you have made the switch or tried it out, what was your experience?

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I did the it in the other way, from int 32+1 to SR 33+1,5 Warrior GTs.

I didn't feel much of a change in anything. The 33 fit me a bit better with a notice to that there is a huge size difference in the leg channel. But I don't feel I missed a single puck that would've been caught with the bigger pads.

The int 32 felt more mobile, light and less intrusive which I believe was from the size difference. 

The reasons for my change to SR sizing were the leg channel and boot length which was shorter in the int sizing. I got some pucks to top of my skate (under pad boot) and those hits  bite my toes badly. No more issue with SR size pads.

This was to be a short reply, but after writing this I realised again that there is a lot more than just width difference atleast with Warrior pads.

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My first pads were 12” wide and they felt huge and that 1” added saved nothing. I am kinda terrible so maybe good goaler can do better with that inch. I could go into intermediate size cause I’m short and it prolly won’t hurt don’t know if half  a inch make much of a difference. 

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Sorry guys - I wanted to provide a link to the thread in which I originally posted this but am not "forum-savvy" enough to do that so I will need to take up some ,more space on this site

@sescaro: I have  posted my personal  impressions on the experience you are questioning below - HIH

On 2/29/2020 at 7:18 PM, Colander said:

For a contextual comparison, here’s a pic of my Brian’s int in front of my V2 seniors. They are both the same height, but I leaned the Brian’s back a bit so you could see the Vaughns a bit more clearly. I played in the V2s for about 6 years before switching to the Brian's just under 2 years ago.

TheV2s are a 12” wide pad and from there I went to a 10.5”  Brian’s: with them lined up on the right side of the pic, you can see there is a puck diameter difference at the left side.

The first time I wore these I went to a stick and puck to get used to them. I then played my first game of a summer set with a bunch of pretty good calibre players about 5 days later. The result: I had one of the best game’s I have played in a long time.  I never really liked the V2s because they were wide and for me clumsy. As a smaller goalie, I rely on my mobility as much as anything else and the ability to get around in these (because they were markedly narrower) really helped.

TL:DR? Edit: Don’t fear Int for lack of width or presumed lack of protection.

Vaughn Vs Brians (2).jpg

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