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Toe tie innovations?


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15 years? Are you still watching VHS tapes? Haha joking.

But seriously yeah, toe laces are still the default standard with off-the-shelf gear.  They'll still be around a little while longer but I think Warrior set a new industry standard and other guys are tying to mimic what they've done with elastics and velcros and such. There is several variations out there.

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59 minutes ago, Robbie24 said:

Old Sherwood 9990’s (made by Passau)

If they have a standard toe bridge then I would recommend either elastic or shock cord based products,

Tons of positive reviews here for Pro Laces (https://www.facebook.com/prolacesgoalie/)  Or @Beccaraptor with PAWmakes some good stuff

Less popular are Brian’s smart toe or toe hook.

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