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Nike Bauer Supreme


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Just got back into playing goalie again after a 5 year break because of a leg surgery that took me out of the game heading into my freshman year of college. It's been a fun handful of months back, and now all I can think about is gear I used to see nonstop when I was way younger. One line specifically I can't let go is the old Nike Bauer Supreme line, probably going on 10 years old at this point.

Wasn't crazy about the catch, but loved the blocker and especially the legs. Do any of y'all have any experiences/stories/pictures??

also, longshot, but if anyone by some chance has a set of the legs ranging anywhere from 28+1 to 31+1 laying around (one55, one75, or one95, I really don't care) that they'd sell me that'd put me over the moon. Nothing I've ever put on felt as good as those did to me.








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Hi Seb,

I have a pair of 30" One75 pads that no longer fit my son, they are the traditional white/black/silver pattern. Depending on where you are located, the shipping may be more than what the pads are worth; I'm in the north Toronto area.

Let me know

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