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Mask Integrity

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Hey all,

So, I did a dumb. I was changing the cage on my mask (Sportsmask X8) when one of the screws was stuck - I think the contact cement from the foam got caught in it and bonded the screw to the post, so it wasn't moving. Out of frustration, I decided to cut the screw head off and replace it. However, in the process, I scraped at the top coat of paint on my mask, exposing the next layer (light beige fibreglass, I believe). I took out some acrylic paints and clear coat to cover this up, and yes - it's real ugly, so I am thinking of accelerating my plan to sand down the top layer and do a proper paint and clear coat of it. 

My question is - have I harmed the integrity of the mask in any way doing this? I have checked on the other side and there is no damage, and it feels structurally sound. Also, tried the coin tapping trick someone mentioned here by seeing if it sounds different on the exposed area and it does not. Any other advice on how to check would be great. If it's in need of a replacement, I also accept that as it's about 8 years old at this point and despite cage and foam replacements is coming due.

Note: I haven't used and don't plan on using it unless I'm confident in it.


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