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Bauer RX10 equivalent??


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Hey all,


it’s about that time that I may start looking around for new stuff. Haven’t bought a set in almost 10 years.


one question I had was about my Bauer RX10 glove. I fell in love with it, and want to buy something close to it.


does anybody know a glove in the current market that is the same, or super close, to it?


thanks in advance, all!

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When I had my RX10/one100 set back in the day I had to custom order the 5500 clone (you could also do a 590 or Finn pancake) so I believe the stock glove was different. From what little memory I have the stock offering had a fairly unique feel that I was not a fan of but I don’t know what it would relate to today. I’m guessing you could see if JRZ would make you one or at least give you some insight. 

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The RX10 was close to a 5500 in terms of break and thumb angle but not an exact copy, if memory serves correctly. As has been stated, contacting JRZ is your best route.

@wox33 - I had forgotten that Bauer offered a 7000/Pancake clone until you posted this. Kipper switched to Bauer at the tail-end of his career, so, naturally, they had to copy it.


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