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Hey Guys!

So I must apologize for being so late to the party. Goal Net has done an awesome job getting a nice forum going where we can focus on the gear! I know most of us are absolute junkies and drool over gear. I am gonna try and share as many cool things, custom orders etc as we get them. We do try to keep our posts up to date on Instagram and Facebook as well. Unfortunately though since there is only 3 of us who work here on a full time basis and usually only have 2-3 of us in the store at any given time and we all wear many hats and do various things. That being said I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to certain things, this being one of them but I will try!

 Should anyone ever need to get in touch with me, TGC Rance on Facebook and my email is rance@thegoaliecrease.com


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