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SOLD: Bauer Mach Full Set - Size S/33"


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Full set of custom Bauer Mach goalie gear in White/Navy/Red. Used 1.5 years 2x/week.
Specs differ from stock where noted.

100 degree (vapor) boot angle
Pro stock calf wedge and pillow (flatter than stock calf wedge)

Vapor 2-piece construction (1X feel)

Added poron to palm
INT internal hand size

Original toe, boot, and tune fit connect straps included.

Asking $1800 for the full set. Ships from Houston, TX.


IMG_2984.thumb.jpg.e35fd6d524e546b2fb69b97513cbb8bd.jpg IMG_2985.thumb.jpg.1b881d4a5193d5ebb3f6542492756122.jpg 

IMG_2986.thumb.jpg.4812d3aef7fbcb507c04a403e1116612.jpg IMG_2987.thumb.jpg.b8c33c4dbb56d5d4589323d675a8206b.jpg

IMG_2988.thumb.jpg.4ce4d76342cf507ada32db4b5437c8da.jpg IMG_2989.thumb.jpg.e2ba8268949178d6de37cf3450a09fd8.jpg 

IMG_2990.thumb.jpg.1d3a83020dec009372d949a402fe9181.jpg IMG_2991.thumb.jpg.f5c36235c032907dd4de9ba587261078.jpg 

IMG_2992.thumb.jpg.bfaaf0a3d9b35845b984739795e34739.jpg IMG_2993.thumb.jpg.28783a9ba9e71712e03693f3d2e872b7.jpg 


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32 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

@Teezle Curious as to why you're selling? 

I have a set of PX3s coming in, and I won a giveaway so now I also have an Axis 2 set as well (which I like a lot more than I thought I would). Don't need 3 sets of gear in my garage :)

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