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Does your stick ever get caught under pads in butterfly?


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Every once in a while my stick blade will get caught under my pads when trying to make a save in butterfly. 

I'm not sure why. I assume it is one of 3 issues:

1. Pads or thigh rise of pads might be too tall for me. 

2. Paddle length of stick might be too short

3. Technique. Get my hands further away from body to make sure my stick is far enough forward to not get caught in pads. 

This usually solves the problem for me but it still happens sometimes. Anyone else ever have this issue?

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@1C5 I've had it happen on occasion as well... but to @cwarnar's point it was me being lazy. I'm not saying #1 or #2 aren't possible... just that #3 is most likely. Take a look at the pic below... Holtby uses what would be considered an undersized paddle height by NHL standards... and even in a very tight butterfly (with pads overlapping) his technique with hands out front keep the stick a good distance away from getting caught underneath. If your thigh rise is GROSSLY too tall and very stiff... MAYBE #1... but otherwise... technique.

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