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Skate cut in leg pad, how to fix?


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That sucks, however as far as cuts go,you're lucky.  That'll be a relatively easy repair to make as it's between seams.   

Get some sort of backing material.  If you can source Jenpro, that would be great!   If not, another synthetic leather or marine vinyl would work fine.  Depending on your relationship with your local hockey store, they may have some old Jenpro samples around that they don't need.  I know the Perani's I worked at had several Brian's color swatch packs and we never took the old colors that they didn't offer out of them.   

Regardless of where you source your backer, cut it to size, leaving roughly half an inch on all sides of the cut.  

Tuck the backer inside the cut and spread it flat.

Peel back the edges of the cut gently and spread the adhesive of your choice on the backer.  Get it well beyond the dimensions of the tear, but again, work GENTLY to not worsen the tear.  Adhesives:  ShoeGoo is OK.   Permatex 81786 is better and available on Amazon.  I've also used a vinyl repair glue I got at JoAnn in a pinch.   Don't remember the name, it was just something I had lying around after fixing a rip in the wife's car seat.

Press down firmly for at least 60 seconds.   Clean any adhesive that's worked out of the original rip.  Add some weight to the area around the tear to help the adhesive cure, but make sure you check back a couple of times to ensure that the weights don't get stuck to the front of the pad and cause more damage when you remove them. 

Let it cure at least 24 hours.  It'll be tempting to check on the progress, but don't once your sure your weight isn't sticking to the pad.  Letting the adhesive cure is the biggest key to a successful repair.  

It seems like a lot, but with a little prep time and care they'll look good as new soon. 

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I used the original formula Krazy Glue to repair a skate cut in my 20.2s.  It was slightly smaller, but same type of cut exposing material underneath.  I went by the same method that @Puckstopper detailed above.
It's really critical that the backing you put behind the cut is slightly larger than the cut. 

Don't buy the gel or any of the other options.  The original IMO works the best.


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Pros and cons to Krazy Glue:

Pros:  Quick bond, not nearly as much cure time needed

           Good overall bond strength


Cons:  Quick bond, not nearly as much working time available

            MAY leave marks on certain materials.   


Superglues work by melting a thin layer of the materials they're bonding and I've seen a guy who jacked up a pair of pads using it.   Granted, he glopped an entire tube into his backing material and had it ooze through the cut when he applied pressure, so hopefully it's a bit of a one off.  But he did have an odd discolored area (pink splotch on red pads) around the repair.   If you apply sparingly and carefully it's a good option.  

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Jenpro surface is a tough one to find anything that bond to it in long term. So try to add the glue only to edges of the cut and behind the cut area. And add a layer of some material that also bonds to the glue, Jenpro upsidedown would be good.

Superglue is a nogo for Jenpro, it hardens completely and doesn't have any elasticy. Jenpro is very elastic material. 

I don't know for sure but I think superglue doesn't melt the surface as you can use it for instance to fix ceramics like coffee cup. I think that ceramic material does not melt. But it is a strong chemical liquid that will react with some materials.

And one more no for superglue is that it is a pain to fix anything with sewing machine as it is extremely hard when cured.


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Update: I did the Vinyl backing/krazy glue thing Wednesday night and the tear is sealed up very well with little use of glue. I'll try to post an update with like at least a few skates to see if moisture and game use break the seal. 

Here's the longer process I followed for anyone who wants to know: 

Bought gray Marine Vinyl ($3 for minimum amount of 5 ft/5 inches at JoAnn) and Krazy Glue($5) I used the squeeze bottle one as you can control small amounts: Krazy Glue, All Purpose, Precision Control Pen, 4 g

-Cut the vinyl to cover the entire back of the cut, slipped it through carefully to try not to rip. Due to the location and stiffness of the area, I am not 100% sure if it covered the whole back of the cut but got enough to feel like I wasn't going to glue the internal padding. 

-Applied the glue in small globs on the vinyl and behind the Jenpro, pressed it for 60 seconds. bonded fast. I then applied very small amounts on the front of the cut as there were still flaps sticking out. The glue left a little hardened crusty residue on the front but nothing too cosmetically concerning and yes there is not much elasticity; however the face of where the cut is stiff and doesn't need to be elastic or stretch much.

-To cure it, I pressed the leg of a workout bike to the cut for like 3 hours then put a softer metal plate thing on the face of the pad to cure it for 20 or so hours, there was no way for it to stick. 

I think next time I would wait to apply the glue to the front as it started getting a little messy, but overall it's sealed really well but time will tell with use over time. 

Thanks for the help gang! 





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