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Pants recommendation

Ryan W

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This is going to sound bad, but ultimately I'm looking for pants that are very wide through the waist. I've done a poor job of building a beer belly and am on the slim side. 

So wanted something on the wider side higher up through the waist. I don't tuck and am between a med and large, so I was also wondering if I had an internal belt if I could go with size large  or is large usually not any wider and just taller through the thigh. I have a couple GCs to an online retailer so probably would rule out custom or something like Brown. My local retailer only really has CCM or Warrior, so it's difficult to try different brands on or see them in person.


Thanks for the help!

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Warriors are pretty wide, but taper upwards so the waist opening is quite narrow. Bauer Vapor 1X (maybe 2X too?) is one of the widest I've ever seen, It's super wide and the top edge of the pants opens even more.

But if you don't tuck, isn't the wide waist going to cause some inteference between pants and C/A?

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