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V2 Roller Conversion


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Sometimes I come out of hiatus.

I wanted to post this for a while and with @TheGoalNet's recent post re: Jake Allen's tight Velcro strap, I figured I'd post my V2 roller pads which I converted from all leather straps to a more hybrid, lightweight, Jake Allen inspired pad.

I use an old version of the Monster Hockey K Straps in substitution of the knee buckle strap and knee Velcro. I cut off the other buckle that leads to the top of the pad.

I took my substitute short 1S straps, used gorilla glue (never got around to stitching the female velcro into the calf wing) and voila. 

Monster K strap, one loose buckle for the knee wing (I can't take that off or else the knee landing will be loose), one remaining leather strap and 2 Velcro straps. No toe ties. 


Absolutely love them. I've always been intrigued in strapping and changing things up. Coming from my 1S, I feel like these are nowhere near as light as they could be, but they're light enough. 



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