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I'm moving to Nashville


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So we're moving again. I spent 14 years in West Hartford, CT. But in 2019 we moved to Toledo, Ohio. Then in 2020 we come down to Memphis, Tennessee. Now we're off the Nashville, which is only three hours away. This is all down to my significant other's work. Are there any members from the Nashville area? If so, what are good towns to live in? What are the good rinks for adult league hockey? Any advice would be appreciated. We may head over next week to look at rental houses. Oh to be a vagabond.

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There is the Centennial Sportsplex, Ford Center Bellevue (West Nashville), and the Ford Center Antioch (Southeast Nashville) all have adult leagues, so it will depend on which part of Nashville you are in.





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I'm an hour south of Nashville, ever want to come down here for some fun I'll put you on the ice for something.

 From what I've been told, a lot of the rinks there have a wait list, even for goalies. So when you decide what rink is closer, get your name on that list asap.

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We drove over to Nashville Sunday night and stayed over in a hotel. Monday we got out to look at six rental houses. Two of them were pretty nice and we applied to rent them. We were looking in Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Antioch. We visited the Antioch Ford Center Rink. The yellow is indeed ever-present in the facility.


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