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Odor Crusher

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When I first got into some used goalie gear to try the position out a few years ago, I took the newly acquired lot of stuff to a local sports shop that offered the ozone cleaning.  Some of the stuff I got was really stinky, buying used, of course.  The difference after sending it all thru the ozone machine was absolutely incredible, the gloves smelled like leather afterward.  The chest protector smelled a bit like a new car.  Putting the gear on after the cleansing was so much more pleasant.


I can't speak to longer term exposure or repeated use.  I play maybe once a month on average, but skate out at least weekly.  I do spray my gear and air it out after each use, and have not had a lot of smell come back at all.  So I am not sure that I would ever invest in this as a maintenance item.  The one-time cleanse was enough for me.  Goalies that use their stuff more frequently and maybe don't get to air/dry it out fully afterward, maybe there is more reason to consider owning something like this.  I paid something like $30 for the shop to throw my stuff in their cleaner for an hour or something like that.  Could do that a lot of times for what this setup would cost.   But I am certainly convinced that it is effective way to remove some funky smells, for what that's worth.

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Ozone is bad for your lungs, so I wouldn't use that thing indoors. Maybe in a garage and then air our the garage?

But Ozone does wonders against smells for sure. Maybe next time I will get an Ozone service done after washing my pads to get it super clean, I find that sometimes some of the smell comes back even after an anti-bacterial wash

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In my old home I was lucky enough to have a second set of laundry hookups and an exhaust for a dryer in my basement.  I built a sealed (mostly) box with an ozone machine and fan to exhaust the ozone through the dryer vent.    I only got to use it a couple times before we moved, but it seemed to work well.  I would run the machine for 30 minutes, let it sit for 30 and then run the exhaust fan for an hour.  If you have any kind of smarthome setup it's absolute cake to get a couple of smart plugs to automate that process.

My garage is detached at the new place and I'm not playing much any more, so I just run the ozone machine near my gear now with a few fans to blow it around and though everything.   It probably doesn't work as well as boxing everything up and concentrating the ozone did, but it has the benefit of killing all the bugs in my garage when I do it.  

As others have said, do not under any circumstances go anywhere near the device when running.   Just a couple of breaths is enough to give you a nasty headache.  At the old house I'd shut the basement door to keep the pets out when running it. 

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