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Bobrovsky's Toe Tie Set up


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7 hours ago, RichMan said:

How's the pad sitting so high with so much loose on the toe?

Could be a professor strap or just wear he has his knees strap set up (behind the knee vs top of calf). 


Could also be a Lundy strap but hard to tell from this pic 

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So since we're talking "different" toe ties approach, here is what I'm experimenting with (photos below). Initially I had some Pro-Laces which I like but I have been brain storming for a long time on an idea and here is what developed: first pic I was using some used Pro-Lace bridges (thanks @johncho ) but I wanted the toe lace/elastic to be in line with the runner and not be pulled down on an angle, I found it to still be a little hard on my ankles and knees. This is when I found some regular toe bridges to mimic what I was aiming for. It works but I do find them quite bulky, hence why I'm looking for the G6 toe bridges/ties at a low price. Lets see how well it will go and how well it will last :) 


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