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When do you challenge


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For me, there are many factors, and it's all about reading the play.  It will determine how far out I initially set myself.
When the play is at the other end I tend to stand with my back against the cross bar.  As I see a play develop I tap my post with my butt end of the stick, and with the back of my glove and move out.  This centres me and I know I am on my angle as I move out.
I will move a little further out if it is an odd man situation and I know whoever is the D knows how to play it.
If the situation is 1 on 2 or advantage for us, or if it looks like the attacker will have no chance to shoot,  I will stay a little further back so I can get to behind the net quickly if the guy decides to dump it in.

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Just before they hit the blue line is when I decide my angle of attack. 

There are too may factors to decide on a standard depth to challenge.

Edit: it also really depends on the quality of play too. Lower level hockey I can wait until they've crossed. This is mostly because it takes them a while to figure out what they're going to do. 

Higher calibre is easier to recognize the play immediately, plus with the added speed and shot threat, the second they touch the blue line I'm already at the top of the crease. 

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