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  1. A better question is... whats the active ingredient in all these products that allows to slide better? Do Passau’s and Ice Kream have silicon as well?
  2. My rec league plays on the same ice as the Iowa Wild. They’re using our Wednesday game to practice their systems for the season.
  3. I went GT2 as well. The easy close, size of the basket and the hand position into the glove is great
  4. RyanR3KC

    New leg pads

    I had Reebok XLT Premiers and just went to Warrior GT2. The Warriors are a great pad my local hockey shop also cut me a deal on the price
  5. I’m in the dark gear club after I bought black Warrior GT2s
  6. Do these sleeves give enough protection that you could go without knee pads? What’s the padded material made of? the only negative with knee pads is that they get bulky and keep your leg pad from rotating
  7. They are 9000s. They also didn’t fit my feet very well either. I was pleasantly surprised with the CCMs and it felt a lot better. The blades on the CCMs are also a little higher and no cowling and I noticed a better power slide and grip on the ice
  8. Thunderbirds would be a great name and awesome logo with that color scheme Sockeyes? Or the Salmon? That’s bush league.
  9. I’m sure the city of Seattle would love to step on all the toes in BC or Vancouver. And worrying about a Junior A team? You know they would love to have the money in a name buyout.
  10. Dark gear worked for Scott Foster against the Jets
  11. They don’t have them out yet...something for future or if someone was using the higher stance and loved it.
  12. Coop I did notice the higher stance compared to the other skates I was using and i thought “how high can the Extremes really be compared to this?”
  13. I couldn’t find anything previous on the forums here so asking now. My Skates: CCM FT460G with Speedblade XSG holder. They have the stock steel went with a 3/8 hollow new to goaltending since last May and getting my kit squared away and hybrid playstyle after trial and error with other setups over the summer. My pads are Warrior GT2 Senior. I’m in good physical shape 6’2” 225lbs -Thoughts on changing steel out to Step Steel Extremes for the added height and better attack angle in the push? Is it worth it? I believe I’m good with current skate set up, just need more ice time, but the Extremes have me intrigued. Thanks for the time.
  14. They should buy the name Thunderbirds from the local minor league team and be done with it i would be on board with Firebirds
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