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  1. Every piece of Warrior gear I’ve used has been really good. I wouldn’t expect anything less from their mask. I have a Reebok 3K bucket I currently use. Price?
  2. The OP on this Reddit thread claims 6 months of use at more than 5-7 ice times a week in a very competitive league that’s heavy usage. Could any pad hold up to that?
  3. Exactly. When’s the release date?
  4. Beautiful set. Anymore follow up pics?
  5. Pulled the trigger and went with 2X Pro. Rance from the GoalieCrease was a huge help. Pads should be here hopefully mid-April. 1st custom set. Really excited
  6. Use 550 cord and tie your knee pads into your pants. Problem solved
  7. From what understand the expiration date on a goalie mask is for the foams and glue holding the foams in correct? my current mask is technically “expired” but I haven’t noticed stress cracks or the materials Of the mask degrading.
  8. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    So would a 4:1:1 be too stiff for a Genitik 4? watched your pad review again on the IV’s. Did you a comparison video on Optik 2 vs Gen IV?
  9. RyanR3KC

    Warrior G5

    Any change to the materials on the sliding edge?
  10. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Do you Lundy Loop or strap under the boot?
  11. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Was there much of a sizing difference? I'm 35 + 1.5 in my current pads
  12. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Thanks for the input Johnathon. im coming from a Warrior GT2 Senior so i was also interested in the Bauer 2X
  13. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    I’m in this same debate right now. so the questions I’ve been floating are these: ”Get GNetik, but go with their stiffest option with soft boot?” ”Get Optik2, but go Flex option with soft boot?”
  14. So as they come out...Bauer 2S prices are falling. Might be worth the shot
  15. RyanR3KC

    Warrior G5

    Warrior had G5 leaks on Instagram today
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