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  1. Order Lefevre 20.1 through Rance at The Goalie Crease. He will get you squared away
  2. UltraSonic. You can customize pad stiffness and boot flex to allow more give.
  3. I’d say it would come down to what break angle you’re comfortable with
  4. RyanR3KC

    Soft pads user

    Start with GoalieTrainingPro. Maria’s videos and info are really good. has helped me avoid injury
  5. I went Black and Red for my colors on this set. I went Black Weave on the sliding surface Full Right. 580 break on Glove
  6. Unfortunately did not have the chance to compare on skates
  7. Credit goes to Rance for the pics. Those are what he sent me from the shop. when I measured myself I was in the 33 size zone but took into account that Lefevre sits up higher and my knee hits dead center on the Bauer 2X
  8. Ordered L20.1 last week through Rance at the Goalie Crease. Can’t stress enough to measure yourself before ordering. I was in Large Bauer 2X Pro (35+1). Ordered 32 + 2.5 in Lefevre. I’m 6’1” and FTK is 21.5 I was amazed how a 32 in Lefevre lined up to the knee block and sliding edge in a Large 2X
  9. Hehe. That whole weight argument cracked me up. Literally...if you’re Whinging over ounces...you need to get in the gym.
  10. Ordered a set yesterday. The wait begins.
  11. Same. One big difference I noticed between the gloves is that you can really wrap your palm around the catch pocket in an UltraSonic glove. It felt like a Brian’s glove.
  12. Ultrasonic and Vapor have the same stock break now
  13. Ok. So are you more of a 600 break, index finger tip to Thumb tip guy? I read your thread on your True Design Vapors. So that set is gone? Damn
  14. Did the break in on my Bauer 2X Pro and it feels great. Relaced the pocket with skate lace and loosened the double T a little and that was the last piece of the puzzle. I wonder if a lot of these companies lace their gloves too tight from the factory? what have NHL equipment managers said on any of this?
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