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    Bauer 2X Pro
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    S27...... 25”
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    Naked baby no cowling
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    Bauer supreme
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    Bauer double

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  1. From back in ‘98 Violator from Spawn pain job. going to start to overhaul it while the risks are closed. I’m on Goalieparts dot com looking for a new cage and get some new co foam. anywhere else I should look? 21CB9377-0BD8-42E2-9C90-C8E6DF8A2002.MOV
  2. Nothing like shooting my kid with a nerf gun to keep him sharp. And this qualifies as gym class. Lol C795F934-85C2-4CAD-A327-F295CBC4F2E4.MOV
  3. Lots of bike riding, stretching and Maria Mountain workouts. With some back yard lacrosse and baseball thrown in to keep the tracking skills sharp for mini me and myself.
  4. So, with no ice what is everyone doing with their forced down time?
  5. Can’t wait until these are ready for purchase. Looks AWESOME!
  6. Bauer 2X Pro pads and blocker Passau Starke trapper. Leg pads have Kenesky toe chords and professor strap. trapper is a double T with a hungry deep pocket. blocker is all stock.
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