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  1. I was wearing size 10 Bauer Vapor x2.7. Currently have a 10R Graf 9035, but need a 10.5 Graf. I have tried on 10.5 Graf and they feel great, just need more cash 😎
  2. Looking for Brian’s pads and glove to match this blocker I picked up. All white with no graphics. Regular hand and 34+1 pads. Preferably optik or later, 84 or 90 boot taper. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks for the look! I have tried those on and they feel amazing everywhere except my heel slips in them.
  4. Those are 9s, they listed the recommended shoe size too. Thanks for the response though!
  5. I'm looking for Graf goalie skates in size 10.5. G7500, but open to other options. Thank you!
  6. if you stand up the Left max core pad next to the R pad of another set (flex or fly), how do the knee stacks line up? I was at my local shop the other day and they have a 33+1 fly and 34+1 max optik 2 set, and when lined up the knee stacks are the same. I'm looking to upgrade pads, most likely used as I don't have a lot of spare change and its an expensive experiment to guess haha.
  7. Just wanted to add, I went ahead with the swap. I got to try them out last night, needless to say but way more stiffness than my Bauer x2.7 skates. Very responsive, but will take some time to get used to. Not sure if it is in my head but the skates felt even better once they were mounted to the new holders and out of the cowlings. Overall pretty happy with the result!
  8. Actually looking to do something similar! I don't have huge funds but wanted to build the all purpose skate. Currently I have Bauer Vapor X2.7 with True Holders (V1) so I could swap between goalie and player steel in the same skate. I just found a deal on some 9035s and pulled the trigger. 10D/R in both skates, but the Vapor seems to have more room in the to box, where I may be brushing the toe box in the grafs. The grafs feel amazing every else but there for me at the moment. I have only tried them on a few times for a couple minutes and would like to have them on my feet for a bit longer with my sidas insoles before I put the work into the holder swap. I've also noticed that the Grafs seem to have a slightly higher/more supported ankle, but still great forward flexion for your stance. Graf always put outsoles on their goalie skates just like a player skate, so I don't see why you couldn't put a holder on them. If I move ahead with the project I'll upload some pictures. Hope this helps!
  9. Not sure if this was covered before but I thought it was interesting. Thatcher Demko doesn’t use the bottom 3 or so eyelets of his skates. Stumbled on it when watching an old video of him mic’d up.
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