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  1. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    Those belong in a man cave.
  2. All-Wood Sticks

    Yeah- @TheGoalNet had said something on IG about Lundy’s love for wood.
  3. All-Wood Sticks

    Or it may be a 9000 paint job on a wooden stick. Hopefully, @TheGoalNet can sertle this.
  4. All-Wood Sticks

    @TheGoalNet said Lundy is still using wood, I do believe.
  5. All-Wood Sticks

    Lundy uses wood. There is probably more wood in the NHL than it appears. It still seems that the most popular is wood shaft and foam paddle. The Sher-Wood G5030 is a very nice stick and is made the old-fashioned way. I was very happy with mine. Weirdly enough, I am on the composite bandwagon, coming from several years of using wood. Whilst being an expensive habit, they can be repaired. I am going to be buying composite supplies to facilitate these eventual repairs. I don’t feel the “pingyness” that others feel. Of course one could fill the hollow shaft with expanding foam to kill the vibration; however, it would also kill the flex for shooting.
  6. TRUE Two Piece Skate Review

    They were made in late Feb or early March.
  7. Aftermarket Steel

  8. Knee Rolls Being Phased Out?

    The biggest reason why knee rolls are going away are the unpredictable rebounds. Weight plays some factor. As silly as it sounds, I can attest to the squirellier rebounds with knee rolls as I play with both knee rolled and flat-faced pads. Now- knee rolls do look right, IMO. A lack of outer roll, vestigial as they are, would look REALLY strange. But they will go away in time like the knee roll as they do not serve a function any longer.
  9. Show off your danglers!

    Did not have a problem last game.
  10. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    $1.2K is a lot to come up with for an ancillary product; however- I could sell it as lace bite pads. I’d love to do refurbs, as well; however- my other part time gig needs to wind down a bit...
  11. Brian's Gear

    Waiting for my Brian’s chesty...
  12. Show off your danglers!

  13. The Definitive Shooting & Playing the Puck Thread

    I don’t play the puck.
  14. Change steel or buy skates?

    Diamond Like Coating.
  15. Protechsport Mask Thread

    Very light; very good.