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  1. It has come to my attention that my content has fallen flat on this crowd. Rather than trying to pointlessly attempt to elicit laughter from my lack of pertinent content as I am frankly bitter about my current inability to participate in the game of hockey, I will be curtailing my participation and allow those who have more relevant content to take the spotlight. The direction of this forum is gear oriented; me getting out of the way of the forum’s direction will provide material that the majority of this forum will enjoy, rather than sully this forum with sophmoric attempts at humour. I am going to continue to focus upon my recovery and will hopefully, one day, have content that will reflect my hopefully future participation as a goalie. Please know that I am posting this in the interest of allowing this forum to flourish, rather than being drug down by poor content. I wish this forum well.
  2. Just preaching the gospel about the false hockey prophet named Boris Bettman. He should be buried to his waist and be stoned to death for his herecy and the harm he wants to inflict upon goalies. He should have been fired for putting himself into the Hockey HOF, as well, then buried to his waist and stoned to death.
  3. Boris Bettman wants goalie to play afraid and fatigued, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.
  4. Except that Boris does not want goals taken AWAY, which taping the goalie knob black could result in goals taken away. I think Boris will next make it a penalty for a goalie to complain about goaltender interference. Last night, Matthew Tkachuck interfered with ol’ Jerk Alien and Jerk was screaming at the ref. Boris most likely instructed refs to NOT call goalie interference and next year, I bet Boris proposes to call penalties on goalies who ask refs for the penalty. Remember: Boris HATES goalies with DEEP DEEP contempt and ultimately wants them HURT so they will go away and he can have his scoring orgy.
  5. bunnyman666

    Painting Pads

    HTV vinyl and a hobby iron. The HTV bonds decently to the Jenpro. You could do simple colour changes.
  6. Mason is not the solution, but Allen has been outright PAINFUL to watch.
  7. I used to write the St. Louis Blues General Manager Ron Caron to trade Hull for Domi. Domi was a GREAT fighter, which the likes need to be drafted TODAY to fix the Boris Bettman-ruined game of NHL hockey. Domi was one of the GREATEST players to EVER put on an NHL sweater. It is a TRAVESTY that Tie Domi is NOT in the Hall of Fame, yet Boris Bettman put himself in the hall. Boris should be executed for the HORRENDOUS way he has screwed up the NHL; Domi should be SAINTED for how he upheld the integrity of the enforcer. Domi, along with Probert, Twist, Kocur, Mc Sorley, Chase, etc., etc. NEED to be in the Hall of Fame, Boris Bettman needs to have his head on a spike for what he is doing to the game. I need to get his book. Long Live Tie Domi!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  8. I am paid to stay AWAY from a skate!
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