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  1. Material Database

    In your local auto parts store:
  2. Material Database

    Sorry, @TheGoalNet. Let me get to that!
  3. Fullright's 2017-2018

    Good stuff @Fullright
  4. Bauer Gear

    My thoughts exactly! I wonder if the display 1S will go cheap since they got pawed to death?
  5. Monster Hockey Thread

    I would think that a majority of users will ditch the belly pad and second cup if they use the kevlar cup. Take it from a long-time user of the Kevlar cup (as the one you’d be buying is just like mine)- you will love it if you take a bomb in that spot.
  6. Ulcerative Colitis and goaltending

    Thank you. Tired of living this hell.
  7. Ulcerative Colitis and goaltending

    The psychic nutritionist said a few things that make a hell of a lot of sense. It is odd that diet was never addressed by the quack who is my GI doc. Wouldn’t the stuff going in impact what comes out, after all? I was given a list of supplements to start with and very basic dietary guidelines. She wants an hour of my time for specific items for my diet. It may still be April by the time I can get back on the ice, but I feel like there has been more of a path than I was given by Dr. Quack. Updates to come...
  8. Live Log for Site Updates

    Nope- I had it interrupt what I was trying to do yesterday. The only way I could get rid of it was to shut down the browzer window. I would hope invasive stuff like this is not what @TheGoalNet signed up for.
  9. Monster Hockey Thread

    I started wearing a kevlar cup when I was playing defense. After two shots blocked in the jewels, there was no way that I was EVER risking it again.
  10. Monster Hockey Thread

    I wonder who is making that cup? It looks like it modelled after the old Cooper steel cup...
  11. Monster Hockey Thread

    I don’t know if Shock Doctor makes a kevlar cup, but they make Titanium, so it could be a Shock Doctor product. I wear a Kustom kevlar cup moulded from the old steel Cooper goalie cup.
  12. CCM Premier 2 Set Design Help

    Sets one and two speak to me.