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  1. bunnyman666

    Dyed cowlings!

    Throne lacrosse supplied the GREAT dyes for these:
  2. bunnyman666

    The Mask Thread

    Bullet with a red face.
  3. bunnyman666

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Yes!!! Then there’s Don Simmons...
  4. bunnyman666

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    One of the GREATEST films EVER!!!!!
  5. bunnyman666

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    See what happened after touching the bowl?!?
  6. bunnyman666

    Aftermarket Steel

    Monty22 on modsquadhockey.com is offering a black coating for $35 that can go on any blade new or used. Blackedge offers this service but only on brand new blades and will fit it in as part of a larger order. The only thing is that you have to cross-grind the coating off of the hollow surface on the newly coated blade or it would gum up a Sparx wheel. I sent off two pair...
  7. bunnyman666

    Goalie Jock Weight Database

    We need weights on those goalie jocks!!! Pix with the scale, please!
  8. bunnyman666

    Monster Hockey Thread

    I would hope that those of you not getting the kevlar cup are getting credit, as this is an expensive cup. Yes- just a little foam around the edges and you’re golden. I use this kevlar cup in my LT80 jock and it is FANTASTIC.
  9. bunnyman666


    Repackaged from Bud Light “Wheat”. Yuck.
  10. bunnyman666


    Love ya in a platonic way, Mark!!!
  11. bunnyman666


    Love it!!!! Mine is more pedestrian, yet I love it so: Cheers, matey!!!!
  12. bunnyman666


    Mr. Mark- Hell yes we are still doing this! AND I can V-toast you, my good man!!! I am cleared to drink a little!!!! Woohoo!!!!!
  13. bunnyman666

    The Mask Thread

    Ninjas in the nite wearing black whilst blindfolded!
  14. bunnyman666

    Old Man Club

    Can’t wait to try them out on unsuspecting people!
  15. bunnyman666

    Old Man Club

    I got some GREAT ideas from that video. Thank you!!!!