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  1. The Mask Thread

    The biggest thing is to prevent too much deformation of the material on impact and disperse the shock. There are several ways to do it.
  2. Aftermarket Steel

    I hear you there! I am in the process of becoming a Step dealer, but it bums me out that I can’t carry the Bauer trigger blade from Step; maybe Tydan will let me sell their blades...
  3. Aftermarket Steel

    More like tenths of a mm. That difference could be how Tydan is getting away with going around the Bauer patent in the US. Yes- we are talking tenths of a millimetre here, but that can be *just* enough to get around a patent. Believe me when I say this: depending on the judge, 0.2 mm is enough to say it is not a direct copy.
  4. The Mask Thread

    Carbon fibre would be best used in the inner-most layer on a masque. The outer most layer would be the worst place! Weirdly enough, when building bike frames, kevlar only went where there was direct impacts, like chain stays. I understand where Michel comes from as far as not using carbon fibre on a masque.
  5. Stick molding?

    If repaired properly, you will never know it was repaired, and it would be stronger than previously built. Though the engineered properties would be gone. However- grafting two different shafts together could cause problems. Also- properly repairing the shaft will also make a new kick point. This could be an interesting exercise. It would not be that hard to graft another shaft, it would just be a LOT of work.
  6. 2018 Brian's Optik

    It is a ratchet system that tightens the wrist strap down. You have to physically release it to loosen it’s hold. My old Sidi cycling shoes had something similar.
  7. Rec League warmup?

    I tend to drink two to three beers whilst putting on my gear, then two to three before hitting the ice... Just kidding!!! Yes- I have had my bottle broken in “warm ups”. Hockey has nice people, but there is always a douche bag who ends up making me angry. Of course the last tosser who broke my bottle lost his spare stick. Yep- I threw it into the Zamboni tunnel...
  8. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    My goaltending buddy has had a pair for quite awhile and he’s chuffed with his. Note that with the exception on leg pads, he is an All-Warrior, all the time bloke. But he loves his Warrior breezers. I also came up with another: McKenney. I am actually thinking of going with them. I think they are supposed to be pretty flexible. I want a ridiculously wide waist pant with a super-short inseam. As it is, I have to take a large sized breezer and shorten the inseam by close to 2”!!! It is a bloody pain in the arse!!!!!
  9. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    I get that. Many Vaughn things are meh, but their goalie pants are great. Especially the senior pants. You may find the Warrior Ritual Pro pants to be of your liking- generous waist and only sized from the inseam. I think the default is 38”, and removing the inner belt may net a half an inch or so. Passau would make a GREAT pair of breezers.
  10. Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro SE Pants

    Vaughn makes a GREAT senior pant. My LT-80 are as bullet-proof as they come; HOWEVER- since I grew a bit more waist-wise, I can no longer tuck. The ultimate is a pair of Brown as he will make them however you need them to be.
  11. Blocker + Bottle

    Yep- I guess I missed that... Never paid attention.
  12. Blocker + Bottle

    Weirdly enough- I have only seen this face here! But my internet life is sheltered, as I only go here and Redtube...
  13. Blocker + Bottle

    Aha. I ascertained that the weird faces was something about trolling. I am old and proudly unhip! Thanks for the education.
  14. Blocker + Bottle

    So these weird face things must be a thing?
  15. Glove Comparison Database

    If it works well, you don’t think about it. 🐰