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  1. All-Wood Sticks

    Yea, it does look like wood splinters, hmmm...
  2. Koho 580 Pads: eBay, Donate, or Trash?

    Put them up on ebay or CraigsList for $100 OBO. Someone might want them for roller or street hockey. Or just dump them at a local rink.
  3. All-Wood Sticks

    Looks like Lundy uses Bauer 9000, which are foam core
  4. All-Wood Sticks

  5. All-Wood Sticks

    No, I was meaning 100% wood, including paddle. I think the last of those in the NHL were either TPS Omega's or SherWood 503 SOP. Bith of which haven't been used in the NHL since 6-7 years ago.
  6. All-Wood Sticks

    I was just wondering, does anybody still make a "Pro-Level" wood stick? I don't think the current Warrior, CCM, Sherwood, are really up to NHL/Pro level of quality (?) And second question: when were all-wood sticks last used in the NHL? (Or is somebody still using them?) As far as I can remember, Roloson and Leclaire used all-wood TPS Omega sticks up till around 2008 or so. And a few others like Lehner were still using Sherwood 530 SOP till at least 2011 or so (I am pretty sure those were also all-wood and not foam paddle?) *Edit, maybe Lehners stick here was 9950 SOP, which was foam paddle, but I know others like Alex Auld had 530 SOP which were all-wood.
  7. Bitcoin

    I think now it's probably too late to get in on it, bubble will probably pop soon. But then, who knows. It's a crap shoot. That's usually why I avoid this kinda stuff.
  8. Knee Rolls Being Phased Out?

    I'm pretty "traditional" but don't care for knee rolls anymore. The V4's I have now have flat-face with double break, same with the Gnetik 2's that I have lined up next. Full flat-face with no breaks I don't like (eg. Ventus)
  9. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    I think Warrior only does 3-packs on composite sticks (or Foam-core as well?) I usually don't break too many sticks either, but anyway retire 2 sticks every season just due to the fact they are beat to hell and lost stiffness. This season I did break two already: one of my old all-wood TPS RW4 got the blade cracked on a close, hard shot (not uncommon to happen to all-wood sticks), and then one of my Frontiers had the shaft splinter. On one 3rd League team I trained with last week, the other goalie broke 2 sticks in the one training (!) One looked like a low-end Fischer, so not surprising, but the other was a decent looking Warrior. Maybe they were already damaged, who knows. Even tho all-wood sticks are not so durable on the blade, I'm still a sucker for them, I love the feel, very stiff. I just ordered a 3-pack of all wood DR sticks, they had an Aramid strip on the shaft, looked like my old TPS, I'll have to see when I get them. Maybe I'll order more, if possible (the shop only had 3 in stock, and were not sure if they could get more, said they were samples )
  10. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    Yes! Good eye. But 9000 actually. Very nice stick My older son stole most of my Frontier sticks There's also some TPS sticks up there on the left. I was a big fan of their Aramid and Omega sticks. My younger son is using my old 25" Aramids (standing behind the Frontier stick) I had left over. I think I bought the wrong size or something, 25" is too small for me, but fine for my 10 year old.
  11. Hills' 2017-18 Winter Season

    Nice blocker/head save at 3:25 :-P The first goal you had him cornered, I don't know if you saw the forward coming down the middle, but if you did, try to cut the pass off with your stick.
  12. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    Normally, most companies require a minimum of 6 or 12 sticks for custom orders. They don't usually want to bother with setting everything up for only a couple of sticks. I only saw Fischer recently allowing a 3 minimum, but I don't think they are too readily available outside Europe. https://www.fischersports.com/en_en/hockey_/custom-ice-goalie In any case, I usually order in bulk so 6 is no problem. With 3 active goalies in my family, we burn thru alot of timber every winter Stick rack in my basement:
  13. Russia Banned from Olympics

    Just read KHL will let players go to the Olympics
  14. What’s in your pocket?

    I just copy all the mp3's from my PC to a 128GB microSD card and stick it in my phone. Works great, no monthly costs, no internet connection, all the music I need. FTW
  15. Northstar / GGSU Goalie Sticks

    Do you know who makes them? What factory?