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  1. Team Name: Funny or Serious?

    A "rink supplied name"? Jesus, what kind of Communist league are you playing in? Or is it like Repo Man, where all the teams just have a generic label on them?
  2. Mask Weight

    So far it looks like the typical mask weight is around 2.5 to 3.5 lbs. I'm actually surprised that my ReidiC is on the low end of the weight scale. I was always told that ABS masks are heavy and (high-end) carbon-fiber masks are light. But it looks like my ABS mask is equal or lighter weight than high-end carbon-fiber masks. Huh, interesting.
  3. Mask Weight

    Just curious what does everyone's mask weigh? My game-ready, painted ReidiC weighs in at 1.2kg (2.64 lbs)
  4. Mask Paint Job Review

    Haha, thanks guys. I got feedback from Tony that automotive clear-coat touch-up will work good. If I can't find that I'll go with the nail-polish I guess. What's the "wire wrap"? Do you have a link to it?
  5. Mask Paint Job Review

    Argh, took a shot to the head and it chipped today how do I prevent it from chipping further? Put clear nail Polish on it?
  6. Final year intramural mens over 35 is a gongshow

    Those scores aren't really "blowouts"...?
  7. Mask Paint Job Review

    Somehow I think this is what you are thinking when you look at pretty much anything, so you aren't really helping me out here
  8. Mask Paint Job Review

    I had my mask painted a few months ago by Tony Jarrett at MaskedExpressions and thought I'd give a quick review here. Good -Very quick e-mail response, usually within a few hours, never more than a day. -Price/Quality: cost about $400 USD, for a quality artist, that's hard to beat Bad -Not really any communication during the painting process. I was kind of expecting to see some pics during the process, or some questions, but once I gave him the design and paid, it was pretty much silence until it was done. Neutral -He made a couple of small mistakes (misspelling, wrong color on one part). I only saw it when he sent me pics of the finished product. He did go back and fix the mistakes, but I think if there would have been more interaction during the painting process, it could have maybe been caught/fixed earlier. -Wait time was a couple of weeks, which was reasonable Overall Overall, it's the second mask I ever had painted, and I'm happy. I'd definitely recommend Tony to anyone. I only would like to see him be a little more interactive during the painting process in the future. But for the price/quality, he's really hard to beat. The only other guy who quoted me a similar price, and does similar quality, is the guy at Detroit Air. The decision who to go with was pretty much a toss-up. Maybe next time I'll go with Detroit Air just to see. Feedback I had a certain idea in mind, and I'm wondering if it comes across. Tell me what's the first thing that came to your mind when you saw it. Even if it's negative, I won't be offended, I'm not a Millennial snowflake
  9. Why so many concussions from shots lately?

    Hockey is a huge part of my family, but if my 11 year-old suffered multiple concussions already at that age, I would seriously consider stopping hockey for him and looking into another sport. I think once you already suffer one or two, it usually just goes down-hill from there. The best masks in the world can only help so much.
  10. Paint job review...

    Everytime I see it the words "hot mess" keep coming into my head ...and the cat keeps reminding me of KISS
  11. Why so many concussions from shots lately?

    Your son got concussed twice this season on shots from 12 year-olds? And wearing a $800 high-end mask? Is there more to the story here, because I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this (pardon the pun ). Twelve year-olds bodies are simply no way near that of an adult, their shots are not THAT hard. I'm not doubting you saying that your son was concussed, I'm just wondering how it happened? Is the mask not fitting properly? Did he snap his head the wrong way and got the "whiplash" concussion? Did he bang his head on the ice after the shot? Were they freak shots? (I guess getting hit on the backplate is kind of a feak shot)
  12. Switching Teams - Beer League

    Yea, finding a team that are cool guys AND a good level of play is very tricky. It's like with chicks, either they are smoking hot but totally psycho, or then they are very cool but woof-woof. Your call. Good luck.
  13. The Mask Thread

    Haha, brilliant!
  14. The Mask Thread

    Like the blue/white. What's the blue rubber trim around the edges? Never saw that before.
  15. Paint job review...

    The flames kind of bring it all together.