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Sher-Wood GS350 stick


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Last night I put one of these babies to the test. The stick has to be the lightest I have ever used. for a 26", it come in at 825g.

The balance is nice and it is somewhat stiff for a foam core stick. It responds well on deflections and felt no negative vibrations on paddle saves. 

Durability. I kinda f#%^ up on this. It could be that the new job is already taking a tole on me and has rendered my mind tired and useless, but in my haste to get ready for my last minute call-up and wanting to try the new stick, I forgot to tape my blade...I know, I know, DUH -_-. If it weren't for that, I'd say that the durability is maybe a 8 out of 10, only cause of my negligence. I did get a shot on the paddle in warm-up that already put a dent on one of the edges, but that is to be expected I guess.

Overall, this was a good purchase for me and I intend on picking up 1 or 3 more for good measure.

Any questions, shoot away...


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