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New Team, Old Gear


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One of my favorite things to see in the NHL is the odd and rare situations where a goalie joins a new team but is still wearing his old team's gear. We all know NHL goalies go through equipment now faster than ever, so this situation is becoming less and less prevalent.

One of the first big name goalies who joined a new team and continued wearing his old team's colored gear was Kelly Hrudey. When he left the Islanders, there weren't many goalies wearing team colored gear yet. So to see his Islanders gear with the Kings was neat - note the Islanders pants peeking out from under the kings shells too:


The goalie who wore the most of his old team's gear with his new team had to be Osgood when he joined the Islanders. Guy wore his red helmet and even Red Wings pants with the Islanders jersey:


Most recent is Turco:


Some other memorables:




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Bob Essensa with Oilers pads on the Yotes:


Belfour with Sharks - Note the Blackhawks pants too - didn't clash as much as the Osgood pants:


Tom Barasso with the Leafs:


Jamie McLennan with thinly hidden Panthers pads:


Guy Hebert for his few minutes on the Rangers:

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Brian Ford wearing Nordiques gear with Penguins


Sean Burke wearing Coyotes pads after 2nd trade to Philly.


John Vanbiesbrouck still wearing Flyers gear after being traded to Devils(while facing the Flyers..wierd!)


J.S Giguere Hfd Whalers


Jocelyn Thibault Nordiques with QMJHL gear


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This has happened quite recently!

Ben Bishop:


Chevy with the Jets and his Red Wings gear:


Vernon fresh on the Panters:


Craig Anderson wearing Av's gear shortly after trade to Senators last year.


Dan Bouchard wearing his old D&R Nordiques gear after trade to Winnipeg.


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[MrMikeEMike - Didn't the league finally tell Ozzie that he couldn't wear that gear anymore with the Isles? I seem to remember a story about that, he kept stalling saying he was breaking in new gear, but wasn't comfortable wearing it in a game, and the league finally told him he had no choice.

Yeah, that's the story.

Hard to find enough navy blue nylon to make his new shells. What were they? Sumo size?


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RFroese (Bob Froese's Son) - Here's my dad wearing his Flyers pads died to Rangers colours.1987-88-O-Pee-Chee-195-Bob-Froese





BromleyHockey - I always liked that CCM set Froese wore with the Flyers in the mid 80s cool color scheme.Later in the early 90s I had a custom set of Brian's leg pads made to look like the ones he wore.Mainly black,with orange knee rolls and white leg straps.Loved those pads.As a die hard Flyers fan I hated seeing him wearing the Rangers jersey.He made quite an impact in his rookie season as I recall ,he won a ton of games when Lindbergh went down with an injury.


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Neums30 - Lindsay Middlebrook told me that when he got traded from the Devils to the Oilers, he had just broken in a new pair of red & green Cooper pads. So he puts them on the first time he practices in Edmonton and coach Glenn Sather takes one look at him and then yells to the trainer "Get this guy some F-ing pads!". Trainer gets on the phone to Cooper and in two days a new set of blue and orange pads arrives in Edmonton.

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Chico Resch after he was traded to the Flyers from the Devils in 1987 still used his Devils red Vics:

Guess it's hard to find the necessary curved trees to make new Curtis Curve sticks.

First game still had the red Cooper blocker:


Eventually got a black faced CCM:


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Darcy Wakaluk with a Sabres catch glove still after joining the North Stars. Did break out a fresh set of all white pads and blocker.

Jeff Hackett after just joining the Bruins from the Canadiens:


And when he joined the Flyers... this card was a complete mess:


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Not too contrasting, but Felix Potvin wearing his Leafs gear when he first joined the Islanders and wore #55:


Dafoe with the Trashers has some generic colored gear. I know he came there after playing for the Bruins, so the silver gear is kinda odd but he was unsigned before joining them:


Huet when he was traded to the Caps from the Habs. Habs gear with Caps:


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Darth Gerbage - Sens gear must have driven Toronto fans nuts...

Then Toronto Pads in Edmonton

ANd Toskala in Toronto gear for the Ducks

And Ducks gear for the Flames

Elliott for the Avs

Since Turco was posted, it made me remember how awesome this was.

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From Spidergoalie:

Here is another Giguere:

and in a slightly different category but with the same effect, another:

Man those were stupid looking all-star jerseys!


Man those were stupid looking all-star jerseys!

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1 minute ago, estogoalie said:

Is he carpet-flying in his livingroom and they just photoshopped out his couch and put a net there instead? ...wait, and a Flyers logo, Bruins jersey and red/blue pads that don't match either team? Is this real? Jesus, that's he worst hockey card I've ever seen.

Yeah he joined the Flyers after ending the prior season with the Bruins after the trade. So I guess they wanted to show that he was now with the Flyers.

Topps cards airbrush jobs are still worse/better.


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