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NY Times: Overhauling the draft process would solve NHL’s tanking issue


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The issue of tanking has become one of the most compelling subjects in sports. While it may have originated decades ago, it feels as if it’s more prevalent now than ever. It’s a polarizing philosophy that engulfs organizations, media coverage and fan bases.

That prompted The Post to explore this fascinating subject. In this ongoing series, we’ll examine how and why tanking became so prominent, reveal how fans view the strategy and propose our solutions to fix it.

Being it is a NY newspaper and a Rangers beat writer it is kind of centered around the Rangers current situation.  However, it is an interesting read nonetheless.

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This current system was already an overhaul of the old system that allowed teams to contend for Eric Lindros. Remember that gong show? Nordiques tanked like a boss and only won 12 games all year.

Twelve of 80 games played.

I don't recall how the rules played out for the draft with the new SJ Sharks entering and getting the first pick. I know they had the first pick (with the Nords getting the 2nd) for the rest of the rounds.

The NHL went to a lottery shortly after.

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14 minutes ago, motowngoalie said:

Haha, thanks. Not my idea though. I'm a Wings fan and there's a lot of "tank" talk on Wings-related blogs due to the teams current situation. This was one idea that was floated. 

ah nice nice. that would be so sick to have that implemented 

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