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Vaughn LT90 C&A


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Im currently in a Warrior G4 Senior Chest Protector, and like @Adam Cooper has said, the protection isnt its highlight. I liked it at first and didnt feel much at all, but it got noticeably worse, to the point where i get a little worried abt getting hurt in it. I used the XF Pro (non carbon) and never had this issue. I only left the XF bc it was way to big and i couldnt move. Im a hair under 6'3 but i am very skinny and it wasnt a good fit (size Large) 

There is a deal online on a lightly used LT90, size small, used just  a few times according to the seller, that im interested in getting. After experimenting sizes, my best fit is a size Small C&A.

If all goes to plan, ill be on my HS JV team, and I dont wanna get a new chestie for a few years. Should I get it?  Is the LT90 strong enough? I know its a pro spec so i should be fine but i just want to be sure.

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1 hour ago, ThatCarGuy said:

I can't speak for the LT90 C&A but I can speak for the G2 Pro.

Warrior G2 Pro C&A

Warrior G2 Pro Classic C&A

I've got a G2 Pro with the robot arms. Yes, the arms look weird but it's most certainly my favorite C/A ever. I can almost guarantee you'll never feel a shot again. Especially not in the arms of the Pro.

Honestly, I dont like the way the Warrior fits. It feels way to big on my body and i feel like im almost turtling in it. i like something more streamlined than bulky despite forsure being a pure butterfly goalie

36 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Had an LT90 before getting my GT pro. 

It's a great chesty. I wore a size medium and felt it was a tad short in the midsection area. That was the reason to me switching. 

I wouldn't be afraid of getting it. 

Ok good, thanks. I can imagine it would be more than fine to use for my level of play

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1 hour ago, Korppi32 said:

Hard to believe, but it´s your own decision.

Ive used size Medium, Large, and Small, and find the Medium and the Large both felt way big on me. im in a size small g4  rn and it fits better, but theres some protection issues that i didnt have with my V7 

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