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DIY Tracking/Vision Restriction for training

Punisher Goalie

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Just wanted to share my DIY take on a “vision restrictor” for use in training. Mine is made from 1/4” neoprene. As you can see, it attaches with simple Velcro to each side of the cage. I did it this way because I want to be able to use it for pregame warmups and have it be very easy to remove with one hand (I lock my hand into my catcher in the locker room). I can also wrap it around my water bottle for storage during the game. 

I’m considering punching some small holes into it for airflow, but I haven’t used it enough to know if that will be necessary yet. Eventually planning to wear it for hour 1 of my two-hour pickup sessions :)





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On 6/25/2019 at 4:15 PM, Goalieinneed said:

how would i do this with a straight bar mask?

I started by covering my cage with masking tape to determine the correct shape. I then peeled that off and put it on the neoprene to cut out the final shape. 

22 hours ago, TheWall0211 said:

You should add some duct tape to the inside of the foam where the Velcro is cut in or else that area will start to tear.

Sorry, not sure I understand the suggestion. I have sewn the Velcro to the neoprene and there isn’t a spot where the hook part would rub against the neoprene. Curious if I’m misunderstanding you because I’m interested in any suggestions.

15 hours ago, dstew29 said:

This is a great idea. Any negative reactions from skaters on your team? If I only let in one Ovi-like one-timer wearing one of these during a pickup skate I could see teammates getting really salty...

Haha that’s my anxiety about wearing it at pickup! Have only worn it in warmups so far. Actually gotten really positive reactions. The players are curious about it so it makes them interested in challenging me with cross-crease passes, etc in warmup. 

Definitely need to punch air holes before I can go more than 10-15 mins with this thing on though. 

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