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Anyone else still using wood sticks?


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I have tried composite, and foam core sticks but I keep coming back to wood sticks. I like the feel, puck control, and extra weight. My all time favorite was the Christian pattern 5. The past few years I’ve been using Warrior Swagger all wood 26” Quick curve (that’s the only pattern offered in full right) but I was informed by my pro shop this year that Warrior is no longer making them. I don’t really like the round toe of the CCM or the Sherwood. Who else makes wood sticks or am I just going to have to make the switch to modern sticks?

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I made the switch two years ago, mainly due to the concerns of being able to find wood later. I suppose my concerns and suspicions are correct.

The last refuge for wood (I thought) was the Brian’s Timber (which used to be Twigz wood), but since making the switch to composite, I have not tried looking for wood any longer. What further complicates matters is that an outlet like prostockhockey.com claims wood, but they are only talking about the shaft material. One person I know was so excited about getting a wood stick, and he thought it was just a bit too light weight. I knocked on it and confirmed it was, indeed foam core. 

I frankly liked how pucks jump off of the composite. That was what made me permanently switch. I am a shitty puck handler, anyway; but where composite shined for me was actually in scrambles around the net, as when intercepting a pass resulted in the puck bouncing harmlessly into the corner with little to no effort. I know some people may want more control than that. And I am definitely not trying to sell you that direction.

One of the people who worked in the old Christian stick factory (also former Northland) was supposed to get back to me and he never did on building me a few sticks; alas- those former employees did not get back together to start rolling out sticks again, which is a shame. That is also a sign that time has moved on.

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I use an old Hasek TPS wood stick in drop-in for fun. While it's fun to play with, the performance benefits just aren't there for me, so I use my CCM composite in games and my CCM foam core in my private shinny games. 

Once I went composite there wasn't going back. My wallet hates it, but my goaltending loves it. 

Since originally taking this pic, I've broke one of the composites and bought one more blue/white foam core for "the collection", but here's  basically what my current stick lineup looks like now. You can see the Black/Gold Hasek TPS wood at the bottom:


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