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Bauer Slingtech sticks for forwards and us


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I know what you're saying, "Why are you bringing this up here?". Let me explain.

After watching Pavel Barber's video review, I couldn't help but wonder if this could benefit us in other ways with our sticks. There's the obvious more lightness aspect. I do question the impact durability on saves but then again, most blade saves are on an angle to deflect pucks into the corners and with the stick tape on, the cut out slot shouldn't be an issue.

Shooting pucks should be easier given the cut out, less wind drag which is what seems to be the purpose of the new stick design, more effective for shooters on slapshots of course. As per the "sling" effect, I can't say for sure.

How else could we lighten our sticks without compromising their strength and durability?

Image result for bauer slingtech"

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Barber didn't make a point about drag did he?  That's definitely not the purpose of the hole right?  It's about stiff material above and softer below?

Either way, I was thinking about this generally about our equipment too.  I guess sliding tech is one example, pad cores another one, so it's not crazy different.  I just don't know what we could put a hole in to make better :P

In terms of our sticks, maybe it will be something like the shape of the shaft/paddle.  Like maybe an inbetween version of the Bauer ErgoSpine and typical paddle that is similar to the shaft on this stick.  Flat on the front, triangular on the back?  

The Supreme player sticks recently had some crack filling technology in the blade, I always wondered if that might benefit goalie sticks, but I guess with no real followup on that from the public it wasn't all that special.

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It has nothing to do with drag, its the soft lower portion and the stiff upper rib. Plus with tape any drag advantages would be gone. I do agree that the shaft geometry could maybe be used on a goal stick. IIRC there was a Reebok O-Stick that had holes in the shaft to increase swing speed and it was a colossal failure. 

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2 hours ago, FFMedicGoalie said:

IIRC there was a Reebok O-Stick that had holes in the shaft to increase swing speed and it was a colossal failure. 

I was going to bring this up.

The holes in the shaft on the Reebok stick were an absolute joke and quickly discontinued the following year. 

Funny how technology works in circles sometimes.

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