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Tapered toe?


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If I remember correctly, a tapered toe was to make it easier to butterfly push given that there's less material to get in the way of your skate. 90 degree boot would mean it's perfectly square, 80 degree slightly tapered, and going further and further on. This was a lot more common in the early 2010s then it started to fade away as goalies looked to maximize all blocking areas. A big issue then, as is now if you tried, is it's much easier to get under rotation due to the pressure you exert on the pads boot to stay sealed. Law Goalie (ironically enough a former goalie coach of mine, great guy), explains it well

A much bigger issue that would face goalies now is how much easier it is to get hit (and hurt) by a puck to the skate. I remember getting hit by a puck with my Grafs with a cowling and it was a pain to deal with. Now, with cowling-less skates? It's a concern I would think is important.

If the thing you takeaway from this is that "it'll be much easier to butterfly slide with a tapered toe" I'd disagree that it's an important consideration to value. With the way pads and skates are constructed, it's so much easier than it was even a decade ago. Not worth it imo, and there are always consequences which might negatively impact your overall game.

2 hours ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

What do all the different boot angles mean? Which is best for the pad to sit up high on the skate?

Neither? It's relative to material on the ice in your butterfly. If you would want the pad to sit high, get yourself:

1) Lundy strap

2) Boot riser

3) No boot strap

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