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Newest Vaughn 600/35 Degree Break Glove


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2 hours ago, Puckstopper said:

Which VE8 did you try on?  The one piece glove is closer to a 590 break but the 2 piece is very close to a 600.  You won't find closer from Vaughn in recent memory.

I tried the two piece. It just feels very off to me, nothing like any 600 break I’ve tried before. I didn’t know if the older two piece pro v elite carbon was more like a 600 

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Boy, I wouldn't think it would be 'very different' from a 5500, but new gloves always feel terrible to me. I have mentioned prior that I strongly believe that the 5500 and it's non-laced break descendants tend to break in differently for everyone. If you want a new 5500, Vaughn will accommodate you. I recommend the V6 2200 mitt - all of the benefits of a 5500 with none of the weird migrating break or finger curl maladies, plus a laced break, great internal strapping options, and an excellent backhand guard that completely opens up for airing it out. Typical Vaughn lightness, but I have not had any stingers in mine.

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