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Step Steel 4mm/Bauer Vertexx Edge


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Anyone have any issues getting their 4mm Step Steel into their Bauer Vertexx Edge holder? I have S27s (size 7 w/ 3mm steel) and bought some 4mm Step Steel. I can't get the new steel to snap into place. I'd run it to my local shop for them to do it, but everyone in CA is closed. Insights appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Yeah - I bought 3 sets when my son got his 2S Pro skates and 2 of the 3 sets where really tough to get into the holder.  So I contacted Step and they told me to return them for new sets went back to the store where i bought them and got the blades exchanged but the issue did not disappear.

So I used a very fine sand paper (the type used wet) and gave each side of the blades a few passes on each side at a time. Problem resolved !

Just as an FYI - before going thru the procedure above i bought a tool at a large hardware tool to measure the width of the section that goes into the holder and they where all within spec ??  I dont know what to say but my 2 cents is that the sanding helps out with the finish allowing it to better fit !

Hope this helps - i bought 3 more sets since Step is no longer making these blades.

Just relax and buff them a bit on each side - good luck!

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