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Pants: Gnetik vs B-Star


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1 hour ago, estogoalie said:

...and while we are in my pants, how are Brian's jocks? I'm probably going with another BROWN, but the Brian's is a little cheaper....altho my current Brown jock is like 10 years old, so a few mucks more might be worth it...

If you want a Brown jock, I have one that has never been used. I took it out of the box and said "nope" and its sat in my closet since then. 

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I have had 2 different Brown jocks and I am currently using Brian's double cup one. I find the Brian's one to be not big and bulky and provides the same amount of protection as the Brown single cup unit. Both brands are top of the line so it just comes down to personal preference if anything. 

Pants wise if your going to look at getting the Gnetik pro pants I would seriously consider looking into Brown pants also. The difference in both Brian's lines is the padding and materials inside. Also the pro ones are made in Canada while the other as made overseas. I currently have a pair of Brown 2400 pants and like them alot, I would love to try out the Gnetik pros but I have order custom as the sizing in xxl doesn't fit me right. So the up charge and price of those pants put me in line with custom Brown ones.

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