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G5 pro vs g5 Sr ?


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I had a pair of GT2 SR that held up great but were a bit a bit too short so I traded for a old pair of G4 Pros in white. They still are fine even after two users banging on them. Today I just got a pair of G5 Pros with the extra stiff thigh and I have to say the thigh is super stiff but I haven’t taken them for a test drive yet. 

My buddy is rocking the GT2s still and they’re like new.

I think Warrior does an amazing job on their SR gear. If I didn’t have the ability to just get Pro (always dreamed of a custom set) I’d get SR (or their SR+ this year) for sure. 

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On 6/28/2020 at 12:10 PM, DL42 said:

its not the sr g5 do not have hypecomb like the g4 pros so theory is wrong.    

the flex point break doesn't do anything its just for looks its still interanl doouble  break. it didn't kill the g4,  anyone that wears the pads knows that once u break it in at that point its forms to that area.  you can stiffen up the thigh rise by throwing down a plasic ruler down the back side slot and putting a foam on the backside inside break to straighten it back up.  i did it on the g2-g4s.  the pads get too soft over time. not, "its too stiff".

Do you have picture of this?

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