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Passau Starke Ball Hockey Glove


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9 hours ago, havok said:

That's too bad.

What was their argument? Honestly I can't tell between the breaks so I am not a good reference

You may want to contact Kenesky. They make a Ball hockey glove too.


They just said they are sure it's a 60 which who knows maybe I'm wrong but it's not even close to the other 5 60 degree gloves I have. The shoes not close to fitting kind of sucked because I liked them a lot. Spending 2k I figured they would be able to maybe do something with the glove or I don't know. 

Oh well i think I might buy some new V9 ice pads instead. Their loss 

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12 hours ago, havok said:

So you're returning the whole set?.

I agree though 2000$ is major cash...

I did. I want the shoes but without being able to try them on I'm not risking another wrong size. I literally did exactly what the site says and it was way too small. 

I really like the blocker and I think I might order one. Definitely the best ball hockey blocker possible. I have a 2nd VE8 pro carbon glove I don't use that's all white i might modify for a ball hockey glove and use those two. Might also buy some V9 pads for ice and use these V8 ones for ball. They are disgustingly soft so might work well

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