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Interview with Hunter Miska, Arizona Coyotes Organization


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5 Questions with Hunter Miska 

Hunter Miska is making a name for himself. . .

He’s excelled at every level of hockey he’s played in, left college after his freshman season to pursue a pro career with the ‘Yotes organization, and always has extremely stylish set ups. In fact, the stylish setups are how I first remember learning about Hunter. On the old GSBB, someone posted pictures of the epic Ice Berg setups that he rocked in the BCHL. His yellow pulse graphics last season were on full display with a Goalie Coaches takeover and trip to the NCAA Frozen Four.


However, Miska is not as common of a last name like Jones, Smith, or Carter. If you haven’t made the connection yet, you might be thinking… I know have heard that name before? You’re correct. Hunter’s dad, Todd, is one of the most popular mask painters in NHL history and worked with Belfour, Kiprusoff, Nabokov, and Backstrom.


Hunter was recently took some time out of a busy training camp schedule and answered some questions for us.

1.   I heard you got a late start as a goalie? What age did you start at and why did it take so long to get between the pipes?

I started playing goalie my freshman year of high school. So 14 years old. Took so long because my mom wouldn't let me play goalie she thought I was a better forward. I thought different.(Note: He was clearly right!)


2.   First time I remember seeing you was a wicked set of Ice Bergs in the BCHL. How much effort do you put into selecting your graphic, colors, etc? If it's a lot, do you think that's the influence of your dad being an artist?

 I don't spend too much time, I'll normally have an idea of what I like to do a while ahead of time to order pads due to so many customized online I just mess around on it whenever I am bored. I like to look good on the ice so I guess my dads influences me a bit on that part.


3.   You had a pretty minimal strapping set up on your Velos last season. Where did the idea for that strapping come from? What was the design or functional benefit of it?

The Velcro seemed to be tight enough on my legs and I felt the extra leather straps were a waste of material and adding weight. I just had 3 Velcro straps and one leather strap. I feel it allows me to play my athletic style and feels very comfortable.


4.   I think you used a Kipper spec glove for a long time. How did you first come try it and what was the appeal of it?

I love the Kipper glove, I got my first one actually from Backstrom. Since my dad painted his masks I was lucky enough to get some of his old gear and I loved the glove from the first time I put it on. It felt a lot like a baseball mitt, very easy to close and also felt comfortable playing the puck with it.


5.   I believe you made some big changes to your set up for the Pros. Can you share which pieces of gear changed and why? I went to the SLR pad, it's very light weight and has a great seal to the ice. Great new product. I switched to a new glove too, honestly don't know what it is. I just know Hammond wears it too. Just felt I needed a little deeper pocket then what I had before so it's not too much of a difference. Might make the switch back to the V7 pads soon. Just like a little more flexibility in my pad. (Note: In following up with Vaughn, we confirmed his glove is XF Pro Carbon with a wider double T and skate lace pocket). I think the most humbling thing about this interview was that Hunter was honest enough to admit he didn’t know his new glove spec. As someone who has started a gear related website, his candor serves as a great reminder. It’s about stopping pucks first and the cool gear is just an added bonus.


I hope everyone enjoyed our interview and a huge thanks to Hunter for taking the time to do this! I was almost reluctant to mention Miska Masks in this article because I didn’t want anyone to be distracted from Hunter’s own achievements and career path. However, it’s a cool story and I’m sure everyone can visualize at least one Miska mask.

Keep an eye out for Hunter this season with the AHL’s Tuscon Road Runners and hopefully in the show with Arizona. After going undrafted, Hunter tore up D1 last year with a .920 save percentage and 2.20 GGA. In the off season, he signed an entry level deal and can be called up any time. Good luck Hunter, we will all be rooting for you and those sick set ups!


 To Follow hunter on Instagram @miska35 or Twitter @miska_35

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