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Split out from Graf Boot - XSG Holder Topic

UPDATE: The skates continue to feel good. Enough flex but still stiff... and a more neutral pitch. One thing I wanted to address now is the insoles.

Stock Graf Sidas insoles were leaving something to be desired... so I started searching for something that would keep a neutral pitch yet give me more arch support (I have pretty high arches.) The usual suspects (Bauer, CCM, Superfeet, Elite) all seemed to aim at not only providing more arch support... but also more of a forward pitch... so less than ideal for me. 

In looking at CCM's offering I saw they're made by CURREX who also makes their own insole...


Similar Construction to CCM's "Custom Support Performance Skate Insoles."


Then I came across a brand that while they didn't have a hockey specific offering... they do have something a little different from everyone else... a metatarsal pad. Taken from their site... "Our metatarsal pads offer relief for people experiencing pain or discomfort in the balls of their feet. By supporting the natural spacing of your metatarsal bones you can eliminate pain associated with metatarsalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Morton's neuroma and other foot-specific ailments." While I haven't been diagnosed with anything... I was getting some pain and even numbness in my 2X Pro skates. Could have been any number of factors. But I thought I had enough Amazon points so I picked up a pair of their ACTIVE THIN WITH MET PAD which they say are "Best for skates, ski boots, flats, skate shoes, dress shoes and other tight-fitting or slim footwear."



Once I received them I heat molded them per their instructions, and wore them last night. They definitely felt better than the stock insoles. Arch felt much more supported and the met pad was noticeable but not intrusive. That said... and this is more of a difference in boot... but the Graf seems to be more generous in the toe box than 2X Pro and I want it to feel a little tighter. Impressed with these... I just ordered a set of similar insoles... but with 1.6mm of cushioning... their ACTIVE MEDIUM WITH MET PAD. Help take up slightly more volume for me.



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