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I am the self-appointed promoter of this great product. I am also an official dealer for these at my new skate shoppe. 

The NHL has obviously banned these, and for most of you, you can wear what you want. Most other leagues do not know what an Overdrive Blade is. Some of you may even write these off as “cheaters”. That is up to you. 

These would not be necessary or practical on the Vertexx or Step hybrid goalie skate holder, though a solution could come in the future. 

I mainly use these to prevent “boot out” in the ready stance. I have NEVER slipped out and hurt my groin in the ready stance. I have found they help in deperation saves when the foot is not quite in the position to dig in for a push in the butterfly. In short, I probably don’t use these to their full potential.

I am happy to answer any questions about these blades from a user’s perspective. I can also fill orders for the U.S. and install if you’re willing to come to my shoppe. 

Coming will be a few photographic examples for how these can help with injury prevention. 

To read some great material in general- go to www.overdriveblade.com 

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5 minutes ago, Chenner29 said:

Besides the owner/creator, I don't think anyone else is either.

There are some flash videos of John doing some crazy stuff with the blades on.

Yep- saw those vids, which is particularly why I say that I don’t use them to their full potential.

John’s a great bloke!

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8 hours ago, insertnamehere said:

I've been using these for years and my groin thanks me. I just put on Extreme Step Steel the other day though and found that I need them less than before, but they're still nice to have.

Good to know that another has found the injury preventing benefits of these great items!

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1 hour ago, Znowleopard said:

im really interested in buying some but im just not so sure about mounting and how it will actually fell on the ice

Mounting is pretty simple. I will show a pic later.

As far as on-ice feel, if mounted correctly, you hardly notice them until you are close to slipping out. 

What skate and cowling do you have? 

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