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Glove closure and pocket connection


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I'll start with this example...

Dennis at MADEFactory does his trademark floating T, but I'm sure he opens up the glove to adjust the closure. I might be wrong as I've never seen any videos.

This led to wonder, how much does the T influence the closure of a glove, if nothing else (aside from thicker materials aka pro-palm) factors in?

Make sense?

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When I got my Warrior GT2 senior glove, I immediately noticed how tight the skate lace job was from the factory.  It's a double-t and the sides were like trampolines and the center webbing was the thickest braid, you couldn't see through it.  Nothing about the pocket was soft.  And it felt like the glove was difficult to close.  After re-lacing it much more loosely, the glove was noticeably easier to close and open.  I have pics in the glove re-lacing thread here:


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Dennis also flattens the finger tip curl on when he modifies gloves. He does so in order to maximize the glove's surface area and to promote a full closure with the least amount of gap between the mating surfaces of the glove.

My observation over many gloves is that 'how, where, and how tight' of the base of the T is of significant influence. All of this works in conjunction with where the glove break is located, as well.  My first new glove was a Brian's Hook with an 'Anchor T', and it certainly promoted the most U-shaped closure of any glove I've had since then. Contrast that with most Vaughn gloves with a single T - prior to any deformation of the finger plastics - and they always have a long period of their life where they are pancake flat. Over time, however, I've noticed that gloves simply loosen up and become influenced more by your mechanical input and less by their design and initial construction.

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