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Create your perfect skate

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For those who have found your perfect skate, this is a silly exercise. For people like me who have the world’s hardest to fit feet, we have spotty luck with skates to say the very least. Every once in awhile, a stock skate will hit a home run. My favourite skate ever was the Reebok 14K. It was perfection as it was soft enough (downmarket skates actually are better on my feet) whilst still supportive until the internal foams broke down. But with the CCM changeover, the Ribcore skate went narrower overall. No bwayno. The old Reebok skate had a generous forefoot.

My dream skate would be the form fit of the True with the build quality of an old Swiss Graf and the heel of a Reebok/CCM Ribcore. Cowl or holder doesn’t matter as long as I could have easy runner removal with a secure retention mechanism. 
The Pump heel definitely is needed for me as my heel slips in my True skates, though not nearly as bad as in other skates. My heel is extremely narrow and my forefoot is very wide. My foot is not that voluminous, but I have a high instep. In other words, my foot is a nightmare to fit. 

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i loved my KOHO 580's and now my current CCM Tacks 6092's are my all time favorite,  so if those 2 were ever morphed into 1 i think I'd be pretty happy with that creation but more towards the 6092.. really like the comfort, smaller cowling and good steel

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3 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

I'm pretty happy with my Graf 9035 and XSG holder with Graf fat blades.  And you know how fucking crazy I am/was about skates, eh Bunny lol.  I wouldn't mind trying the coated steel but I don't care to spend the money on that.

Skates are such personal items. There is a reason why some pros stock-piled certain models. Elliott had Supreme 7000 boots up until five years back. 
As far as black steel: There is a better solution for $30 USD and the blade can be old or new. This is better than Step’s DLC. You can’t get a burr even after 20 cycles. 

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