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Which sports do you find synergize well with inline goaltending?


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I got back into basketball after a 12 year absence this year and have really enjoyed rediscovering the game.  I am not a very good shooter so try hard on d, and I watched some youtube videos on how to close out and how to mark guards so I could pull my weight.  I spent my off season from roller hockey playing basketball and my footwork really improved.  Then hockey season started again and I put the blades on for the first time in four months expecting to be rusty... and was really, really sharp.  Like, my skating and bladework were better than they had been at the end of last season.  I'm pretty sure it's from the basketball.

So I'm wondering what sports you guys cross-train with, and which you find to be the most effective, and what parts of your game are helped by which sports?

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I was a natural athlete growing up back home and I played most major sports, but when I came to Canada I fell in love with hockey but didn't pick it up in my early teens on ice only in my late 20s. For hockey however the most related sport to me is soccer. The passing, reading plays and making plays. I played soccer back home, basketball. In Canada got into baseball (played 2 years in high school), fast pitch softball (played select) a year of football in high school too. I played a lot of street hockey but as I said, had to take it up myself in my 20s on ice and I always wanted to be in net so here we are.  I play hockey all year and gave up on the other sports for all the time I missed. 

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