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I'm looking to update my very outdated setup and I'm wondering what would be the best gear for the best value, since lots of last year's stock is on sale.

I've checked out most of the pro stock and take to the Brian's G Netik pretty well. The CCM eFlex IIs feel quite cumbersome in comparison, but replicate the feel of my 9Ks. Vaughn SLR pros felt pretty good too despite being a hybrid goaltender and preferring pads with a bit more flexibility (34 +2).

Questions for anyone who's owned this gear or any of last year's pro stock (subzero, premier, etc): 

  1. How has your gear held up overtime? 
    1. Brian's specific: How has the elastic held up?
  2. Any problems with your gear or mods you've had to make?
  3. What would you recommend?
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