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TGN Deep Dive - 2022 Bauer Mach


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On 4/28/2022 at 8:44 AM, Hockeygoalie111 said:

What is the difference with a game ready palm and adding 3mm of poron VS. just getting a pro palm?  How much thicker is the standard Pro palm?

From what I've been told, 3mm of Poron in the palm is just 3mm of Poron in the palm - basically where your finger joints are.

Pro palm is Poron in the palm plus Poron in the base of your palm - basically the meaty part of your hand below the thumb. Not sure on the thickness of the Poron for the Pro palm, though.

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So I have seen some "negative" comments around Mach.

Some around the stiffness of the knee block and some on sliding. I have 3 skates on these so far, here's my quick take.

Sliding - Bauer updated the skin with Mach vs US. New skin is supposed to have increased durability, no yellowing on white based pads, and better sliding. For my money, I can say sliding is definitely different. You can tell it's changed. I think the new skin is probably faster on a hard push. On medium or light push, it's probably slides slower. I would say the US skin was a more consistent slide all the time. I would say the Mach skin is a more organic slide slide? You get some extra zip when you most need it, but you won't over slide when you don't. It's not better or worse. Some people will want the US style sliding and some will favor Mach.

Stabilislede / Calf Support System - For any concerns it's too stiff and doesn't respond well enough in the RVH, is not "wrong", but that's why Bauer has Stabiliflex. That is a custom option on Mach and standard on Hyperlite. If anyone is concerns with that, it means you're using the wrong product... not that Mach is a bad design. Don't buy Mach just because it's new. Figure out what you need for your game...

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