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FS: Adidas 2.0 Goalie Cut Practice Jerseys


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Picked up a couple of these from a goalie camp to flip. 

Have them on SLS for $80/pop, gonna shoot them out to people on here for $70/ea + 3% Paypal fees
Please reach out with zip/postal code for shipping quote.

I just put one for @Rogie in the mail today.

EDIT: I've shipped a couple, here are standard rates for US/CAN:
USA USPS - Ground: $10
USA USPS - Priority Mail: $12

Canada UPS - Ground: $17
Canada USPS - Ground: $23

Note, since these are cross-listed on SLS, due to the way the rating system there works I will honor those sales first in the very slight off chance there is conflicting interest.

Have colors below:

Canadiens Red (0)
Gray (1)
Burgundy (1)
Black (3)

Black (1)
Navy (1)


These are, IMO the best jerseys around as far as fit and flexibility goes.  The jerseys are cut generously enough to fit over a C/A and the material has some stretch to it.  I'm 5'11 and wear a CCM AB18Pro under a 58G for reference


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