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Bauer TuneFit Connect (Professor Strap) - Supreme vs Vapor Differences


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Not a lot of posts these last couple days so I thought about posting something that I think hasn't been posted before.

I've been asked by a couple people what the differences between the Vapor and Supreme TuneFit Connect (aka professor straps) were.

Pics below. The grey straps are the Supreme version, pulled from my Machs. The red straps are the Vapor version, pulled from my Hyperlite2s. The short velcro tabs are the ends that loop through the anchor points that are built into the pad.


As you can see, the Supremes have a buckle, while the Vapors are velcro only, but slightly padded. The padding on the Supremes is very thin.

Here is the Vapor attached to the pad.



Here is the Supreme attached to the pad.



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The Vapour ones are just a better design all around. 

I know some people had some issues with the Supreme ones slipping and not remaining as tight as they wanted. I just had issues with the buckles digging into my thighs in the RVH to the point of bruising. 

I don't bruise easily either. 

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4 hours ago, GoalieGuy said:

Did you have to sew the piece into the pads? The past couple generations don't include it. 

They've consolidated the strapping options between the two lines. 

They state its for customer customization, but really I'm sure it's more about simplifying their build process. 

New lines don't have the designated tabs these were built for. 

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3 hours ago, Chenner29 said:

Yeah, I actually have some sitting in my garage. PM me your address, would be happy to ship. Not using them, and I'm making way more money than I know what to do with.  I'll cover shipping too.

That is very nice. My Mom would love to know what line of work makes that much money LOL

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