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Goalie Instruction Videos: The Evolution in time


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Oh, man… I’m only 5 minutes in, but this is amazing! 

Billy Smith looks like he’s ready to slash the kid in front of him. Funny him saying that playing video games is good for the eyes/hand eye coordination. I mean, he’s not wrong, if you’re into the VR visual training that’s available nowadays. 

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It’s always fun to watch the old way to play, especially when it’s done well. Of course, most of these techniques are no longer able to be successfully applied with how the game at the highest level is played today.

Another note, I noticed many of the former goalies who were coaching in this video not articulating exactly what they meant. Numerous times they said line up with the man, not the puck. Of course, we know it’s the other way around. Also, kids take what adults say literally. So saying never or always is dangerous, because it’s at odds with what kids will discover in their experience. Sometimes is more accurate. 

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