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Vision Training: Tools, Equipment and Programs

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I searched but haven't found a thread.

Knowing how important training our eyes is yet it is so neglected by many of us. I had the chance to try a lighted reflex board some years ago and I used to do eye spotting in a room, moving my eyes as rapidly as I could. I do wall ball and juggling now and then. I did look for a free online eye reflex tool but never found one.

Kaskisuo, Bones and a few others are into Sense Arena and Visual Edge, etc.  

What are you doing or using to improve your eyesight sharpness and reflexes?

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Planting the seed here so I don't totally forget: https://www.truefocusvision.com/

These people do great work. Reaction balls, objects with numbers on them that you call out, things that force a reaction/diversion from a routine within a routine to keep your brain, eyes, and hands busy. They're all about getting your eyes stronger and more agile, as well as getting your brain more in sync with what your eyes are doing, should be doing, and want to be doing.

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14 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

I stare at a medium screen for work, then I stare at a small screen while I have a big screen on after work. 

That's helping right? 

That little screen is messing up my vision big time, hence why I'm less and less on it as time moves on. I might need glasses now for small close up print but I don't wanna end up with having to wear specs everyday all day...not yet at least.

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