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  1. From the goaliegearnerd Instagram story. Bob is in a fit 2:
  2. Hello All, Looking for a Koho 550 blocker in the Tor/Potvin colorway (same as below) to complete a vintage set I'm putting together. Any help would be appreciated! Would also consider buying another full set if that may be the only way to track one down.
  3. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think there is any difference between the retail and pro-offering. Here is a couple of photos of the one from SLS that has the sensor bracket stitched on the back. I agree, it looks almost identical to the retail unit: Now, there could be some differences in terms of internal constructions and foams, but if I put my manufacturing hat on, I would really doubt it (even with what we’ve seen in the past). If anything, my assumption is that CCM has streamlined their production line when it comes to this unit, which would slightly reduce their overhead, and increase their production turnaround. I don’t have any sales or prebooking information, but my guess is that CCM is hoping this will be a slam dunk and become the new age P1. From all accounts, it looks like this might just be the case. The Got Hockey podcast recently had Kaylie Dankevy from CCM on, and they spoke about the unit (starting at 21:29). At the 25:20 mark she mentions that they cannot keep the unit in stock and that NCAA players are starting to pick this one up (bit of a marketing push? Sure, but I have no doubt its become very popular). They also go into more detail about the fit/sizing on this unit (26:13 to 28:11), which is pretty much bang-on to what myself and others have been saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laSZfRTZlBc
  4. Fit 1 would probably work best for you. I mentioned previously it's best to try these units on, as they fit on the larger side of things. If you are between sizes, it's best to size down. For reference, I'm 4 inches taller and about 85lbs larger than you, and I'm in a Fit 2.
  5. Alright folks. This wasn’t quite what I expected but here are the measurements of the Fit 2 and Fit 3: Area of Measure Fit 2 Fit 3 Body Length (from neck) 23.5 23.5" Arm Length 22" 22.5" Side Panel Height 16" 16" Side Panel Depth 10" 10" Floater to Floater (widest point) 18" 18" Floater to Floater (including under cap) 22" 22.5" Internal shoulder to shoulder (from mounting point) 13.5" 14" Is this bang on accurate? probably not, but you can see the differences between them is about a half inch in some areas, at least on the units I have in hand.
  6. Fit 2 on the left, Fit 3 on the right. I'll take comparable measurements of each.
  7. No, not at all. My fit 2 sits almost identical to Bob's in the photo. Again, I'll mention, I'm 6' tall and tuck my unit into my pants. The THS video drove me nuts, especially Cam's call out on the sizing. He seemed to be parroting whatever the rep had told him (which I've noticed in his other product breakdowns). I'm sure people will disagree with me on this, but it is not a one-to-one when it comes to sm/med/lrg/XL. Kevin was wearing a hoody under what I assume is a fit 3, or even fit 4. He either doesn't care, or is taking the piss. You can also see when he turns to the side at 3:41 that none of the strapping is properly adjusted (likely right out of the box). Either way, I could see it being confusing for your less knowledgeable consumer. If they were going to break it down in the simplest terms, I could see the following sizing making better sense: Fit 1 - SM/MED Fit 2 – MED/LRG Fit 3 – LRG/XL Fit 4 – XL/XXL Even this, may not be entirely accurate. Here is the size chart that CCM is using for the unit: I’ll pick on the Fit 2, given that it and the Fit 3 are what I’m best acquainted with. According to the size chart they say that a Fit 2 should fit someone from 5’8” to 6’0”. I would challenge the notion that someone 5’8” could comfortably wear this unit, especially given how long the arms are and how they fall. Even at 6’0”, I have a bit of room in the fit 2. Some pro goalies that I know were/are wearing a Fit 2 CCM chest: Pavel Francouz – listed at 6’0” Mikhail Berdin – listed at 6’2” If you watch Kasimir Kaskisuo’s video (“Start vs Cleveland Monsters • Why I Switched to TRUE // Life in the AHL 23-24 #10” ) at 2:07 there is a shot of his unit hanging in his stall. I’m fairly certain that I could make out it being a Fit 2 and he’s listed at 6’03”. Although I could be wrong on this one. I guess with all this being said, it would be absolutely best for people to try this on in store, however if you are in between sizing on this one, my thoughts are to size down.
  8. Minor changes overall. They are very very close. I find that the new floaters sit a little more square (at least for me). This may be due to a couple of things; 1) going down a size to the fit 2, 2) the 24 model not having the segmentation on the front of the chest, which doesn't allow they to rotate outward and 'round out'. I would also say that the 'airknit?' is a welcome addition in the body. The elbow design is also slightly different on the 24 model, however I didn't notice any difference with it when playing.
  9. I would say that's pretty close, although the body length is very very similar on the fit 2 and fit 3. I can measure when I get home from work, but I think they were both 24" to the end of the pelvic protector. The fit 2 was deceptively larger fitting (at least for what I thought). From what I saw in the store fit 2 is more like a large (snug fit), while fit 3 is like a large+/xl, and fit 4 would be like an xl+. Admittedly, I didn't get a chance to look at, or try on, the fit 1, although my best guess is that it would be more like a med/med+. I can't remember where I pulled this size chart from (someone had posted it previously on the forum), but it's pretty close in terms of how the units fit, although it's certainly not an apples-to-apples for the standard sizing (sm/med/lrg/xl), so I wouldn't compare to standard retail units: Height and weight will definitely be a factor in how the unit fits. The fit 3 AB18 that I have been using was just a hair large for me, although still very playable. After getting playing around with the fit 2 in the 24 model, it's definitely a better fit, and sits more evenly on my shoulders (changing the way the arms fall). The ABPRO 24 that I have is the retail unit, but it has the same level of adjustment as the AB18. Basically a 1-to-1 for the pro units. No floater adjustments. Only arm length, tightness, and body tightness.
  10. I finally got my hands on the new CCM ABPRO 24. I’ve been previously using the AB18 in a fit 3, but ended up grabbing a fit 2 in the 24 model. For what it’s worth, I’m approx. 6’ tall and tuck my chests. Other than being a little stiff, there was little to no adjustment time.
  11. This right here I was wearing the most recent 960 up until a little while ago. To The Goal Net's point, profile shapes are different from the NME ones (960/950 vs 940/930), but for what it's worth, I have an approx. 59cm head and was wearing a medium 960. A large had way to much side to side slop for my head. I have a generally narrow face, and the temples/cheeks were perfectly snug in the medium, while there was a slight backplate gap (barely there). For retail masks, I moved over to the CCM Axis Pro (not the XF) and had to size up to a large given the fluid inside pods, that took up more padding space. Now, I'm just some random guy on the internet, but the photos above look very close. I can't see how your forehead is resting against the front padding, but if it's snug up front, and along the temples, then I would probably stick with the medium. Play around with the backplate adjustments to get the fit all dialed in to what's comfortable.
  12. On an SK2000? It could be done, but probably not a good idea. The air gap will help with impact protection. You could/should on some of the composite shells though. Finally finished up a refurb on this SK that needed a little love. New HM30 cage, new/old stock clips, and new padding from Resilient.
  13. Was finally able to get the 580 set (with reproduction blocker) and Warwick Hasek out to a shinny. First time out on skates with cowlings in a long time as well. Great to strap on an older set again!
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