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    Warrior Ritual G4 Classic Pro Custom - Sliding Toe Bridge w/Velcro Attachment + Boot Straps Removed
  • Glove
    Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Custom - 60* Break Angle
  • Blocker
    Warrior Ritual G4 Classic Pro Custom - Low Board Position
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    Warrior Ritual G4 Pro - Custom Modifications
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    Warrior Ritual Pro + Bauer Pant Shells
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    Bauer 960XPM - Cateye & Sling w/Schinny Custom Paint + Bauer 960XPM - Cateye & Sling w/Vinyl Logo
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    Bauer Supreme S170 26" P31 (x3) / Warrior CR3 SE 26" Mid (x2)
  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer Supreme S190 + Superfeet (Yellow) Insoles
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    Bauer Vertexx Edge
  • Skates - Blades
    StepSteel Standard (x4) - ProSharp Goalie SAM (10' - 50" - 27') Profile w/ Blackstone A-Trap
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    Warrior Ritual G4 Senior
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    Maltese Reiter Spec GPS Combo
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    Warrior Ritual Pro + Lowry Player Cup + Lowry Garter Belt

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  1. G4 Pro glove... it will take a pretty heavy shooter to give you a shock in the palm, however HyperComp is pretty lively so you can have some large pop-outs if you don’t catch it in the pocket.
  2. CG35

    Why Goalie?

    The Canadian way... Mini sticks in the school yard back in the day... took it to the streets by night >>> started playing ice hockey >>> got a chance to borrow our current tendy’s gear and play... never looked back. Still going hard... right till the wheels fall off.
  3. CG35

    CCM---->Warrior Sizing

    Not CCM... but when I switched up from Vaughn V2’s I went from a 35”+2 to a 34”+1.5 Warrior... been in that size for G1, G2 & G4’s. Think my floor to knee was about 20”-20.25”... so their fitting chart is pretty accurate.
  4. CG35

    Warrior GT2

    Just to clarify... Hyper-Comp is in plus AirSlide is out...
  5. CG35

    Warrior GT2

    From what I saw in the catalog it looks mostly like Active Drop and some minor refinements... nothing ground breaking. Forgot to take note if they added Hyper-Comp...
  6. CG35

    G4 Thread

    ^^^^^ this...
  7. In a set of base layer pants... no additional padding whatsoever. Would consider the cup pocket and maybe some aramid fibre in the lower leg, but that’s about it...
  8. Cut mine down... 3"-4" or so... 26" from the top of the paddle. Why I like it... Easier puck handling in tight situations... like behind the net. Has helped my shot/passing (Mostly classic underhand style shooter - natural righty, but shoot left in goal... no Cujo.) Shorter length if the shaft ends up inside the post on an RVH or similar type of play... I don't need to move my hand very far or reposition my body to get it back to the outside and it doesn't get caught-up in the netting. Less effort required to use your stick for things at full extension when held near the knob... (especially with the new composites) What I don't like... Has slightly reduced my range for poke checking, diving to poke away loose pucks or reaching across the crease in desperation.
  9. I run 4-sets of Step Steel standard in my S190's this season, plus had 4 sets of LS3G rotating through all of last year, and 2 sets of LS3G the season before that... I use a freshly sharpened set of blades every time I step on the ice. That would easily be over 300 ice times in 3 seasons between summer/winter... with blades removed/replaced for all. There is no play whatsoever in my Vertexx holders... I still need to squeeze tightly to get the trigger down and then solidly rotate the blade to get them out. Still takes a good push to lock them back in. I would be interested to know what sort of variation you may have in the Tydans width...
  10. No experience with the bungee cord, but the jenpro tabs have held up well for about a year now. So much better than tying laces on top of your boot. Tabs are just the right size to slip through the Bauer Vertexx holder easily and they tuck away well for storage on the G4’s. Would definitely get another set when these wear out.
  11. Just a quick update on the wear experienced so far this year with the G4's... On Ice Activity SeniorA Games: 15 SeniorA Practices: 12 Competitive Men's League Games: 43 Subbed Games Men's & Beer League: 6 Total Ice Times: 76 Blocker Wear: Small amount of wear through the nylon backing on the finger protection. This is caused by putting my hand into paddle down. It causes the thumb protection to momentarily rub across the finger protection. There is a small wear point visible on the jenpro of the thumb piece where contact is made. Action: If it doesn't grow any larger I most likely won't worry about repairing this. Trapper Wear: Small amount of wear started on the nylon pocket binding at outside of tee. Small stitching wear on the inside of the thumb. Small stitching wear on the inside of the pocket tee. Action: All very superficial and don't seem to be getting any worse with time... no action required at this time. Left Pad: Slight jenpro wear on the upper inside corner. Worn through one of the repair stitches on the knee landing again, including slight wear to the jenpro binding. Action: Will keep an eye on the knee landing and repair as required moving forward. Right Pad: Slight jenpro wear on the upper outside corner. Slight jenpro wear on the upper inside corner. Slight jenpro wear on the front inside of toe. Slight jenpro wear on the inside of the upper thigh board. Worn through a bit more of the original stitching on the knee landing again. Action: All jenpro wear is extremely minor... top of pads is from rubbing together in butterfly and the rest is just from hard play... sticks, etc. during jam plays down low. No real action required for any of them at this point. Knee landing will likely make it to the off-season before requiring a quick zip from the Speedy Stitcher. Chesty: Is still like brand new in every way... just broken-in and a few puck marks. All mods holding up perfectly. Action: None Required. Warrior CR3 SE Stick: I purchased two at the start of our SeniorA season and had to retire one to practice duty only this week... cracked across the paddle about an 1" - 1-1/2" above the heel. This stick likely won't make it through next weeks skate. Action: They play fine... but I won't be replacing it with another CR3 as I just don't like the feel of this model. Will either upgrade to CR1 or go back to a Bauer stick.
  12. Nope... Warrior G4. ”Low” = High Hand/Low Board. It’s the bottom strap of the two velcro removable outside palm anchors. (Fingers pointed up) I can see how that’s confusing though based on the photo... “High” would pull your fingers toward the bottom of the board in a “set” position. Does that make any sense..?
  13. High hand/low board all day long... Easier coverage on the low above the pad, inside the post sniper shot. Less low holes when blocking or in RVH. If you can’t get into paddle down your wrist strap is way to tight. Plus the extra space between the board and your hand makes it easier to corral loose pucks without bringing your paddle off the ice. If your positioning and reflexes are any good the high shot is not an issue as most people don’t protect the top corner with a vertical blocker position... it’s usually outer corner/edge up so you can put the rebound over the glass or at least in the corner. Otherwise, you would use your shoulder or chicken wing.
  14. The measurements on the G4’s were addressed here a few months ago...
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