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    Warrior Ritual G4 Classic Pro Custom - Sliding Toe Bridge w/Velcro Attachment + Boot Straps Removed
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    Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Custom - 60* Break Angle
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    Warrior Ritual G4 Classic Pro Custom - Low Board Position
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    Warrior Ritual G4 Pro - Custom Modifications
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    Warrior Ritual Pro + Bauer Pant Shells
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    Bauer 960XPM - Cateye & Sling w/Schinny Custom Paint + Bauer 960XPM - Cateye & Sling w/Vinyl Logo
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    Bauer Supreme S170 26" P31 (x3) / Warrior CR3 SE 26" Mid (x2)
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    Bauer Supreme S190 + Superfeet (Yellow) Insoles
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    Bauer Vertexx Edge
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    StepSteel Standard (x4) - ProSharp Goalie SAM (10' - 50" - 27') Profile w/ Blackstone A-Trap
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    Warrior Ritual G4 Senior
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    Maltese Reiter Spec GPS Combo
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    Warrior Ritual Pro + Lowry Player Cup + Lowry Garter Belt

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  1. This is a link to the ProSharp profiling guide... Here. It should explain most available options. Personally, I have (4) sets of Step Steel standard blades profiled to SAM 10’-50”-27’ and sharpened with A-Trap... I like it. Have a read and see what suits your style... looks like Chenner29 has provided a great option in No Icing Sports
  2. Typically I’d have said the same as I never even used to wear an under shirt, but I needed to get my G1 through the remainder of my SeniorA season. That unit had done it’s job through thousands of pucks and two sets of arms, but the rib area was starting to go. Clap bombs from the dot were starting to hit with more than just a thud. The bit of padding in the shirt allowed for that to happen until I got my G4 set-up just right. I could easily ditch it now, but I kinda got used to wearing it... habit now I guess. I would definitely recommend a chesty upgrade over a padded shirt, but there is a time and place for these when required.
  3. It’s been good... originally purchased to help support my aged Ritual G1 chesty... it was getting a little worn out in the rib area. I upgraded to the G4 within the year so now it’s mostly just filling space, but it does that well. Haven’t had any collarbone issues, but I also wear a Maltese (previously Vaughn) combo on top. I removed the neck blocks... just felt weird with a collar on... sleeves were just a personal thing. Based on where my G1 padding got thin I’d like to see some blocks extended into the high rib area, but I don’t think any of the stock shirts provide that. Go with a short sleeve model because as mentioned above this thing will be glued on by the end of the game and removing a long sleeved version will be tricky.
  4. This is about all that I have currently... Here. No photo's really just the steps taken. I used the backside of an Olfa blade and my fingers to scrape off the excess padding and leave the stitching intact. The gasket punch is as shown below... most likely available at Princess Auto/Harbor Freight depending where you live. I likely won't need to replace one of these for at least a year or two now. The main thing is taking the time to line-up the sling where you want it to fit and get the holes marked with a sharpie/pen through the holes in the mask shell. Then double and triple check that is where you want it before you make the holes with the punch. The second time around I just used my original sling as a template to trace them onto the new one. If you still need more... I'll see what I can do.
  5. The mask still fits snug, but it can move up and your jaw is free to move in behind the sling. It’s hard to explain. I feel very secure yet free. I have never had my mask come off yet, and I have been ran a few times during SeniorA playoffs. You don’t get that strapped hammock feeling you have in a cup. Cateye is an official Bauer cage.
  6. Full Disclosure: I just sent my helmet away for painting. During the design process I discovered that the team I joined completely ripped their logo from a USHL team... (it’s about 98% identical) about 3 years prior when they had jersey’s sublimated. I’ve been with these guys for 3 seasons now and that’s not likely to end soon... so team helmet is a go. I’m all for original designs and the rest of the helmet is my original collaboration with the painter, but it will have the borrowed logo displayed. I guess that makes me a little hypocritical...
  7. Bauer Double Bar CatEye is from Pure Goalie Outsider Straps from Goalie Parts Nash chin sling from my local Source For Sports store... modified by me. For the USA based products we have this awesome service here where we can go pick-up... it's about an hours drive... 5 minutes across the line.
  8. The Nash version is pretty good quality... it's jenpro backed with 1/4" rubatex foam. I punch new holes, trace and trim the ends, then remove the foam so it has a better fit for the 960XPM helmet liner. The glue left over helps attach it to the mechanical liner. They do stretch into shape a bit over time, but my originals still going strong after around 200 ice times for sure. Beard has made some grooves into foam, but it hasn't come apart at all. Pricing and availability are good. I would recommend.
  9. I like the Nash sling... had one in my other helmet for a year or so now. Same set-up just factory harness. I’ll likely never go back to a cup. Correction: It’s actually been a little over two years with the sling.
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