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  1. So here is my first video of actual hockey... a little context i play on a university c team, our team is made up of players from 2 different universities. How ever once a year we split up and have a fun game against each other (and we drag the d team into it too). I was lucky enough to play in the game on the green side, in front of 2500 which was honestly a little ridiculous! The hockey was slower than our usual games (probably suits my pace better lol) but still just as fun. I even got a penalty as you will see, my first ever penalty!
  2. A few pictures from a big game a few days ago
  3. Absolutly, it isnt really that good of a review, which i why i decided i would make a more indepth one with less messing around editing. and damn i didnt notice ! the dyslexia hits hard when it comes to OTNY vs ONTY 😂
  4. Also I'll be adding new foam so expect a foam video
  5. I got a sample of air2gel, for me it was way too hard to be optimal for a mask.
  6. Here's review i made, the video is 6 months old, because im lazy a more in depth video will come soon (knowing me in a bout 3 years)
  7. As long as he doesn't go for the head its fine, i don't really see the problem.
  8. Dehumidifier, should help with the humidity
  9. Not the NHL but damn good looking bit of kit there
  10. Ive got theitr samples, they are alright, not quite what i want though, really looking for just the soft poron to put in my mask. If anyone knows where to get it in bulk that would be great.
  11. She made a fantastic neckguard for me, HIGHLY recommended her work
  12. Onty cc has been good for me, definitely look at getting anything but the standard foam. Rxs seem likes the top, maybe look into them.
  13. I've got a pair big fan, although I do have to use skate lace and tie them into my c/a to keep them from sliding down
  14. absolutely thanks option 2 is my best bet
  15. looks good but maybe a little expensive ahah
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