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  1. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    Nope its a CCM premier thats too big and hangs quite low.
  2. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    For me a neck guard is alot cheaper than a new chest unit, also it seems more protective as its connected to my neck compered toa chest that can move around easier
  3. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    Yeah exactly i already paid alot for this one, im not made of money
  4. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    yeah ill either completely remove the flaps or i think just sew a little strip of soft cloth over the seem
  5. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    Fair enough its major then, i dont but ill look into it
  6. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    i think its just a minor oversight in the placement of the side pieces
  7. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    If i lived in the us i would, but it took ages to send to here to europe so if if can fix it my self i will
  8. Znowleopard

    New paw neck guard problem

    I received my new neck guard from paw a week ago and its great...apart from one problem. Just wearing it around the house i notice that the edge of the side flaps rub against my neck and make it quite uncomfortable to wear. Any ideas how i could fix this?
  9. Got my new paw neck guard in, (pictures from paw, I'll take some of my own soon)
  10. Znowleopard

    CCM P2.9 - First Impressions -

    yep sure
  11. Znowleopard

    CCM P2.9 - First Impressions -

    Well so far ive only played twice after a 5 week break, so im not sure i can answer the question too well, as i dont know how much of the sliding performance is me being out of shape and how much is the speedskin, if that makes sense, ill come back with a better answer in 2 weeks
  12. Znowleopard

    CCM Premier Pro Chest Protector

    Good review! I have the older non pro version of the c/a, and i modded the arms to sit alot higher, i can post some pics if people want.
  13. Znowleopard

    CCM P2.9 - First Impressions -

    yes i did notice the difference, but it wasnt as much as i had expected, but its all good, every little bit helps
  14. Znowleopard

    CCM P2.9 - First Impressions -

    So second skate yesterday, a 2 hour drop casual match, first hour i got maybe 4 shots and the last hour after switching teams i got 4 in 1 min. anyway, i got the strapping pretty much perfect this time, i strapped the y strap with the medium on its loosest setting, nylon strap also on the loosest. I still went across the knee tight because i didn't feel that my knee was connected if i didn't. The ice was Super rough and sliding didn't go so well, the pads do still slide better than my Bauers but they dont have rockets attached to them. I pretty much got used to the thigh rise now, last time i felt quite uncomfortable, but the loosening the strapping helped that. I do still feel a bit more clumsy when i go out to play the puck, and during scrambles, but my crease movements dont feel bad. I really noticed the weight this time, they where so light, and felt more balanced on the leg than my bauers did, which i think is a big part of how much they feel like they weigh.
  15. Znowleopard

    G4 Thread

    2 , the other seem off