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  1. Znowleopard

    Material Database

    you are in luck, ill be doing some tests on mask foams/whatever foams i can get my hands on
  2. Znowleopard

    Bauer Gear

    woahhh, another danish person, i though i might be the only one!
  3. Znowleopard

    Znowleopards mask extravaganza

    I should probably have worded my initial post better, im trying to find the most efficient use of foam/combinations , i could just double up the thickness of the foam thats in my mask now and i would have a safer mask, but it wouldnt be the safest, as there is a combination/foam that is more impact absorbing in the a similar thickness to what i have now, doubling that new combination up would make a safer mask than doubling up the old foam. So yes challenge accepted Hope that made sense
  4. Znowleopard

    The Mask Thread

    i legitimately like the idea, the mask sides should cover the ears, but the rest seems like it could actually be an improvement
  5. Znowleopard

    Znowleopards mask extravaganza

    Ill be ordering both foams they have , still trying to figure out which thickness i should get
  6. Znowleopard

    Znowleopards mask extravaganza

    If anyone knows anymore different types of foams and where i can get hold of them, hit me up!
  7. Znowleopard

    Znowleopards mask extravaganza

    Yes im starting in September so i think ill have enough time, maybe your history degrees could come in useful....somehow maybe..... Thanks!
  8. Znowleopard

    Znowleopards mask extravaganza

    As much as i love playing goalie the whole mask situation has me a bit worried, currently i'm using a OTNY CC with tan foam, the shell of the mask seems perfectly fine, but the type of foam and the lack of it (only 1 cm thick through out) has me thinking about how i can improve the impact absorption of the mask. Ive been looking around at the different aftermarket foams available from shocktec, sorbothane, maltease, etc. So far i haven't found a source compering the impact absorption of the different foams and combination of different density foams. So im going to conduct my own tests, i will be doing this using a load cell, where i drop a known weight from an exact height on and see how much force it generates, then doing the same with foam on the load cell to see how much force the foam absorbs. I will also look at how the thickness of the foam affects the absorption and whether or not it is linear and whether mixing different density foams makes a difference. Ill also be looking at finding different ways of mounting the cage to the mask and how i can make sure the cage is transferring less force into the mask. If any one has any more ideas, suggestions, or critiques of the test methodology let me know!
  9. Znowleopard

    #GoalieCrowd Stick Height Database

    I'm 185cm(6') and I use a 70cm(27") ccm stick, used a 25' reebok stick for a while but didn't like how low my blocker was this now is pretty perfect
  10. Znowleopard

    Why so many concussions from shots lately?

    Btw ive been thinking about the different foams that people/companies put in masks, and really i don't know the difference, as far as i know there isnt a study done on how effective the different foams are compared to each other, so having endless amounts of time on my hands at the moment ive been coming up with a way to test the different foams. if there is interest, i could make it a project on here and maybe with some help come up with some useful results
  11. Znowleopard

    Why so many concussions from shots lately?

    yeah, ive been thinking about if that would work with puck, not so sure yet
  12. Znowleopard

    The Mask Thread

    Cage is bent by about 1 mm and is now sitting pretty close to the mask.
  13. Znowleopard

    Introduce Yourself

    Ew ducks fans, sincerely sharks fan
  14. Znowleopard

    The Mask Thread

    Yeah I'm fine, been keeping an eye on my self and no symptoms or anything so I'm alright
  15. Znowleopard

    The Mask Thread

    So I took a slap shot off my cage last night from some cunt who though trying to injure me was funny should I replace the cage or is it alright? And is there anything I can do about the paint?