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Smart strap question


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*if it's not in the good section please move it wasn't sure*

Hey everyone i'm thinking about doing my own smart strap and i'm liking the one brian's are doing I'd just like to get opinion on what are the major difference on the 2 model (the one only calf and the one with the knee elastic too) is there a big feeling difference if in the one with the knee elastic too vs classic knee elastic? 

thanks in advance for your opinion 

BTW if you have no idea what i,m talking about i'm talking about this


and these


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Go with the original Classic Smart Strap with two pieces.  In my order from Brian's I customized my pads to have that versus the new one.  Part of the reason was that having the classic two strap offers more flexibility and customization.  So far I've been really happy I went with that option.

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