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A.YOUNGGoalie's Stock Graphic Rankings


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I thought of the idea to rank the current stock graphics because who doesn't love arguing over rankings more the hockey community online! (You might be a fake fan if you haven't told someone their opinion sucked on the NHL top 50 player ranks or EA's player rankings) So here they are! Please yell at me.


10. The Axis 2  might be the worst pad design I have ever seen. IMO, no further explanation needed.bMjRfOqTxwTCDnn904zsv066p9VMjaYx2G65THdSrC6eObKKT-Qy5rqNkZwItF0P5lls3okx3y0dtP3LOsK9ckBEU6HY7Ka8L4qFi0trqZDswJv7T9YfkYmIoQ_nQbz0fLe9uW2epIGHG4fHmtrepYv9TRgOIvVLLRHHf6JC0tU4JS0-hwet-cHfvQ


9. Vaughn will just keep putting lines on Slr pads and call it a graphic.


8. Logan is reacting to the number of color zones on the Machs.


7. These are like the eflex 3 design made larger. And with more confusing broken up color zones. Make it go on the outer roll this time! No one else does that!... 



6. Sure these look great. But I mean this set specifically. Just another pad with vertical stripes, and wait, no way! Does that design continue onto the outer rollNever seen that before…


5. The previous design made to look like a decepticon instead of a good guy. More straight lines makes it angrier!


4. I know. Hot take. These actually look good with some color on them. Too bad the Leafs only have one. Just like how many rounds they play in in the playoffs. Maybe Campbell can add a second color this year!



3. Maybe it’s just this design here but I think these look great. Almost every design on these looks good. I wonder what the relevance of 12.2 is. Maybe the number of satisfied non-pro customers they had last year? Or the number of years it takes to get a set?AgREHvr3MiF-Nh5xVcRfo0BdCkaNYxvYV-6sq-RmMLNJDE74QeaJHzMK910VmxLvMLXVoWsa2YcUdsxo8gFxqf2AjxGxWb6AxP0JiNaCk6dWTZ9wVSfkqsTWahGd2qeJHlUl-oifFfbjcG1OESJxZJZ1JzcI8JIv225sPrjcoV9XV8yzZzl6pgLukw



2. These are pretty cool. They look good in red and white. Because nobody who wears them on any other team is this creative. But seriously, these look great no matter how you pick the color zones.


1. Brians owns stock graphics. These are like the cool kid in middle school everyone tries to be like. Once in a while someone is successful but most people end up missing the mark. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad looking set of these.



So how did I do? Terrible? Probably. And yes, Warrior was not worth mentioning to me. Having 75 color zones doesn't work because half of them are the size of a puck mark.


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To me, if feels like Brians and Vaughn are the only ones that put effort into their graphics.  The rest are uninspiring, lazy, and some are downright bad.  And 2x on Warrior not being worth mentioning, their graphics are just awful.  

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20 hours ago, jerd31 said:

To me, if feels like Brians and Vaughn are the only ones that put effort into their graphics.  The rest are uninspiring, lazy, and some are downright bad.  And 2x on Warrior not being worth mentioning, their graphics are just awful.  

Both are also still cut and sew not digital

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Nice list. Funny that the adding stripes is all that they are doing with SLR pads.

The Brian's stuff review is on point.

MAF is the last of the iconic gear goalies. He still manages to have a definite style. Guess Quick does too - but his looks like stock Vaughn graphics always.

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